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Bayelsa 20 youths renounce cultism

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By Edighomor Victor, Yenagoa

Twenty youths from Twon Brass Island in Brass Local Government Area of Bayelsa State have renounced their membership of various cult groups and distant themselves from any political violence in the area ahead of the 2019 election.

The youths, who are members of both the All Progressive Congress and the People’s Democratic Party, however called on other youths purportedly involved in the protracted political violence in the Brass Local Council to denounce violence and give peace a chance.

The decision by the youths to renounce was part of the initiatives of the Chairman of the Bayelsa Traditional Rulers Council and King of Twon-Brass, HRM Alfred Diete-Spiff and his wife, HRM Queen Josephine Diete-Spiff,who rededicated the Kingdom to God for peace and calmness to return to the land.

The Royal family of Brass Island also proclaimed last Sunday of November as annual thanksgiving day for the citizens of the Kingdom.

The prayer session was conducted by the King, the Queen, Pastors, Elders, Chiefs on behalf of the people and the kingdom and through the power of Holy Spirit, a lot of the youths vowed to shun violence in genuine repentance and were led to Christ and are now been discipled.

The programme also offered supplications for deliverance, peace and God’s blessings to reign in the land with a dedication service on December 22, 2018 which saw the King, HRM Alfred Diete-Spiff repenting for himself and on behalf of his people as he ask for God’s forgiveness for the land.

According to report, Twon-Brass kingdom has witnessed major political crisis caused by youths who were alleged to be members of the All Progressive Congress (APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) which claimed many lives leaving the peace loving people of the kingdom in fear especially as the 2019 general election is fast approaching.

But the Queen, Her Royal Majesty Josephine Diete-Spiff said that her vision to covenant and rededicate the kingdom back to God has restored lasting peace to the kingdom, adding that with the cooperation of the king, pastors, elders, youths and the people, God has accepted their prayers and cleans the land.

“It was indeed an amazing ceremony and God did accept our prayers as calm has since returned to our Kingdom. To God be all the Glory and Praise as we give Him thanks for His great mercies to us as a people, a race and a Kingdom.

“A few days after the event, the rival party stewards had meeting with the opposition party members and spoke about building peace in the kingdom”, She said.

Meanwhile, on January 5, 2019, a group formed by concerned Twon-Brass Kingdom youths called “the Twon-Brass Peace and Development Initiative” organized another peace move between the two rivalry groups that have been the cause of the restiveness, lost of lives and destruction of houses, properties, and valuables in Twon Brass Kingdom to a peace meeting.

The meeting was attended along with the members of the Peace and Development Initiative, Twon Brass Ministers Forum, former Brass Local Government Area Chairman Hon. Nathaniel Ngo Silver, Oscar 1 and 2, the Area commander and other Security Personnel, Chiefs, Elders, Women and Youths of Twon Brass Kingdom.

The highlights of the occasion witnessed 20 persons (10 each) from both rival youth groups causing the problems in the land in attendance.

According to the Coordinator, Twon Brass Ministers Forum, Pst. Ken Anjola, the peace and development initiative members presented a white colored T-Shirts and a copy of Bible to them, while the Twon Brass Ministers Forum led them to the exchange of vows to shun violence and pray for each other.

He said, “They accepted the Bible and embraced each other, shaking of hands and vowing never to fight each other again. Prayers were offered for them.

“At the end everyone went out for a peace walk for more than 3 hours showing the town that peace has come to stay in Twon Brass Kingdom.”

Furthermore, King Diete-Spiff has confirmed and recognized the Sustainable Peace and Development Committee of Twon-Brass Kingdom headed by Mr. Erempagamo Eke-Spiff after a meeting with some of the party stewards and the Peace Corp members on January 13, 2019.





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