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Bauchi: Crisis tears APC apart, PDP waiting to reap…



             *As Dogara, Ibrahim Leme faction hold sway with recognized Structure

            *Gov under performance creates fears among APC leaders in the state


BAUCHI- The Ruling APC Nationwide seem to be feeling the heat of success as almost I every state unrivalled and uncommon crisis stares the party in the face with little or no hope of abating.

In Bauchi state like Kaduna the crisis hitting the Party is one that if not checked quickly by the Powers that be and resolved in a way that would be satisfactory to all may spell doom for the party come 2019.

Daily Watch investigations in Bauchi  exposed a semblance of crisis with that of Kaduna and Kogi states where the Executive Governors unilaterally created a new executive of the Party as against the elected executive on ground and recognized by the Party NEC.

Just like in Kaduna and Kogi the Governor Mohammed Abubakar  opt to set up a new APC structure to serve as his on APC executive in the state having lost the control of the state APC structure to the Speaker of the House of Representative Dogara and Dr,Ibrahim Leme who is been positioned by the Dogara group as the new face of APC in the state and the Governorship candidate to be of the Party following the abysmal performance of the Present Governor of the State Mohammed Abubakar.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that at the Present two state structures of the APC exist in Bauchi like in Kogi and Kaduna, while the recognized faction like in Kogi and Kaduna reside with   the people the Governors in Bauchi like his counterpart in Kogi and Kaduna opt to set up a parallel structures with handpicked executive loyal to the Governor and headquartered literarily in the respective Government Houses.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that except for devine intervention the APC in Bauchi may give way to the PDP if the National APC headed by Odigie Oyegun who just got an elongated tenure extension opt to recognized the illegally constituted factions against the elected on in the state.

Daily Watch can confirm without an iota of doubt that the House Speaker led recognized faction is said to have picked one Dr.Ibrahim Leme as the APC Governorship candidate for the state and merely waiting to see which structure the National headquarters of the Party would turn to for the Primaries as that would determine the House or Representative Speaker and others stay in the APC.

The Executive Governor who has little or no hold of the twenty local Government structures is said to be setting up parallel structures not just in the state but in all the Local Government Areas in the state.

Attempts to reach out to the Spokes person of the Governor on the parallel Structures put in place of the Governor as against the legitimate structure recognized by the National headquarters was not possible but a political guru and chieftain of the Party in the state Alhaji Nasiru Darazo confirmed the story and even went further to add that except urgent  steps are taken, the Party may kiss the dust in the 2019 elections in the state.



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