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Battle Royal:  Aisha sets to get her groove as Sabiu plots to push her away 2nd time

Aisha Buhari


By Lucky Ojigbo, Managing Ediror, Abuja

That the first lady of the Federal republic of Nigeria is back in the villa after months of hibernating in Dubai is no news neither is it one that her scampering to Dubai was as a result of the massive heat in the Villa but the real news today is that the first lady is back and fully poised to wrestle back power from her number one antagonist Sabiu Tunde who presently holds the throttle if power in the Villa on behalf of the bedridden and one time mouth piece of president Mohammad Buhari,the weakling president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Daily Watch ears in the Villa confirmed that an unspoken battle is presently raging in the Seat of power which if not checked in the days ahead may snow balled into not just an international embarrassment but may totally exposed the hidden secrets and games going on in the Villa as regards the state of health of president Buhari and those using his names to rule over Nigeria for years now.

Daily Watch ears confirmed that Aisha return to the seat of power came about as a result of very coded information from her own ears in the Villa that Mamman Duara,the only cabal leader she fears so much is totally now powerless and much more like president Mohammadu Buhari as he is though unlike Buhari seriously battling stroke and other serious medical impairments that has made him weak and powerless thereby leaving one man,Tunde Sabiu on the seat together with the Attorney General of the Federation who have been recruited and now combined to run the affairs of the Buhari’s government and it is this secret revelations that has propelled the first lady back to the Villa with the simple intent of taking over what she sees as rightfully hers but for Mamman’d brute actions and threats to eliminate her.

Daily watch findings confirmed that soon and very soon a serious configuration will erupt in the Villa as Sabiu and Aisha cliques and supporters are gearing up for the last fight over who wields the stick of authority in the country as president Buhari remains down with acute amnesia and mild dementia fused with other heart conditions that most times place him in a situation of not even knowing who he is himself.

Daily Watch ears confirmed that Nigeria presently is ruled indirectly by people not elected and it is this fight for another unelected administrator to take over from Tunde that is creating serious tension,crisis upheavals and another potential explosion in the Villa in the coming days as the two camps are set to fight naked in the Villa and caring less about the shocking expose that will result
Daily Watch ears confirmed that the days ahead terribly looks gloomy except one side opt to surrender to the other or a consensus on power sharing which is a near impossibility is reached.
Daily Watch frantic efforts to hear from the president”s media boys who themselves have like Nigerians have not seen their president or spoken to him for several years now on the tension and impending brouhaha and potential implosion in the Villa was not possible as all refused to comment despite numerous text messages seeking their comments.




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