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Baru Gate Scandal : Presidency bribes Wammako Committee over Senate Probe


* Presidency Sets up Committee to lobby Wammako

*Meets Wammako before Turkey Trip over Soft
landing for Baru


ABUJA-The much touted anti-corruption mantra of the Buhari administration isevery day becoming exposed as nothing but a mere slogan and charade to
hoodwink Nigerians.

This Much is becoming evidenced by the many uninvestigated Corruption
looting related cases the administration has either swept under the
carpet using panel of enquiry as against outright EFCC investigations
and prosecution as applicable to non APC members who are accused of
corruption and some languishing in detention even after competent
court bail.

Already as a way to finally put a nail to the greatest corruption saga
in the NNPC after the 2.8 billion Naira Irekefe loot when Buhari was
in charge of Petroleum Ministry Several years back the President is
said to have finally reached out to the nine man senate Committee
headed by ex-Governor Wammako from Sokoto state through Governor
Tanbuwal and Governor El Rufai who has notorious become the ‘‘ME Fix it’’
of the APC with the intent to not only kill the supposed probe but
give Baru not just a soft landing but Eulogized him for his job in the
NNPC thereby confirming Daily Watch Views several weeks back that the
Baru gate scandal is all about loot by the Cabal in the Presidency to
gather war chest for the 2019 Presidential elections

It would be recalled that weeks back Daily Watch exposed the meet
between the Senate President and members of the Cabal over the Baru
gate scandal with the intent of stopping the probe though Bukola
Saraki, the Picking of a conservative APC Wammako to head the Senate
Probe is one of the Compromise reached with the senate President and
today, the Senate Nine -Man Committee has been totally compromised
financially to clear Baru of all transgression and allowed to go on
the looting spree.

Already,the Wammako Ad hoc committee that was to hold its Inaugural
meet on Tuesday October 17th was said to have shifted  it to Tuesday
October 24 to enable the members ofd the Ad hoc conclude their discuss
with the Presidential team of El-Rufai and Tambuwal on methodology to
kill the Probe as it was reported that President Mohammadu Buhari met
with Wammako  to lobby him over the over the  report before jetting
out of the Country for Turky.

Many Senators were said to be as shocked as Nigerians as the move by
the President to meet Wammako is suspected to be the need not to
expose the monumental looting going on and still going in the NNPC
under Baru rein as exposed by the Minister for state for Petroleum.

While Daily watch would not ascertain all the decisions reached in
the Presidential parley with Wammako it can be confirmed though that
ir has affinity with the Baru’s saga and that the President has
detailed Wammako to get  special ’gifts’ from the Mr. Fix it of the
APC, the controversial Mallam El Rufai who together with Tanbuwal to
do the  hatchet job for Baru’s clearance.

Daily Watch attempt to speak with Senator Wamako or the Spokesman of
the President to confirm if such meetings took place and why was not
possible as their respective Phones was not going through.


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