Babagana Kingibe, Buhari political family, others mount pressure on Buhari to send EFCC after Obasanjo



     *OBJ hasty cry days back like that of Senate President  Saraki saved his ass.

      *As EFCC, DSS compiled preliminary evidences, dossiers on ex –President Stewardship and other financial deals  


Olusegun Obasanjo and Muhammadu Buhari

ABUJA-The days ahead for ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo truly seem cagey, deadly and truly ominous if the mounting pressure on the President to go after the ex-President is anything to judge.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that the Pressure on the President to hit on the Ex-president is so high that the President might capitulate in a matter of days if those mounting the pressure persist.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that on top of the pressure camp is Babagana Kingibe the arrow head of the political wing of the Cabal headed by Mamman Dura, the senior Cousin of Mohammadu Buhari who today is the most powerful man in Nigeria as he single handedly appoints 80 percent of the Northerners in Buhari’ government, others are some Political leaders from the North who practically want Obasanjo demystified and disgraced, in this class are majority of the Minister from the  South West and Bola Tinubu the Jagaban himself.

Others in this ’’ Kill ‘’ pressure are the anointed and next chairman of the APC Chief Adams Oshiomole, Head and members of the Buhari Political Family headed by Malam El-rufai and shockingly the Abacha’s Family.

Daily watch findings days ago conformed that the President would have given the nod for Obasanjo’s arrest and disgrace but for his own future and fear of breaking the Military unspoken  allegiances which he fears would later also turn around to hunt him and  also the fear of what a caged Obasanjo would do with the avalanche of secrets and also evidences against Buhari if it comes to pushing and shoving is what is keeping the Presidency in check and fear as the EFCC and the DSS have compiled and submitted damming preliminary reports that can be relied on to freeze the Ex President assets pending more investigations.

Daily Watch findings also confirmed that the Ex-President is serious abreast with the workings in the Villa and all discuss on his issues are fast getting through to him immediately after each and every meeting on the issue concerning the ex –President.

Daily Watch can also confirm that the hue and cry by Obasanjo several Days ago was actually a fact and not just a vain one as actually a ploy was on ground against the ex-president but shockingly unknown to the President as it was crafted and sealed by the Cabal and the DSS without the know of the Executive President but for the Cry of the Ex-president most of his accusations would have come to pass as the Cabal in the presidency seem to be ow working and at times giving directives not approved or even known to the President.

Daily Watch attempts to reach out to the monthly  of presidential spokes persons in the Presidency on the cabal and their unapproved actions in the name of the Presidency was not  possible as at press time




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