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Avengers were provoked by Govt insincerity- CITA Boss







Warri- President, Concerned Ijaw Transformation Ambassadors (CITA) blamed the federal government for the resurface of the Niger Delta Avengers, threatening to cripple the economy as a result of federal government failed promises and insincerity.


CITA National President, a young and articulate Rights activist, Amb. Arerebo Salaco Yerinmene Peter’s Jr, disclosed this through an electronic message to Daily Watch, said, ‘‘ It is so sad that up to this point the Nigeria government is still playing politics on how to address the problem of Niger Delta. Certainly is an intentional act to provoke the good and peace loving people of Niger Delta.

‘‘I have once said that the avengers to me are aggrieved Niger Delta youths, they felt pained and they can’t keep on folding their hands why we are oppressed and deprived in all facets. I utterly disagree with those that are describing them as criminal elements. Without fear of any contradiction, i want to equivocally say that the insincerity of Nigeria government is the cause of the avenger’s agitation.’’ He noted.


He said that for so long the Niger Delta people are politically, environmentally and developmentally deprived, neglected and balkanized. He added ‘‘When we agitate for our right our towns and villages will be invaded and militarized by the Nigeria military directed by the federal might and our elites (prominent kinsmen) will be illegally victimize, harass and humiliated.


‘‘It provokes me when I travelled to my village seeing the immeasurable underdevelopment and the abject poverty life the people are leaving. Until the federal government meet up the demands of the Niger delta people,  I will continue to support their operations’’ he lamented.







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