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Authorized stealing: Who ordered withdrawal of N10b from NHIS TSA account in the presidency?



ABUJA- Just when Nigerians think the gale of blatant thievery, looting, phony contracts, over bloated oil lifting deals, cover ups etc trailing the Buhari government is getting over with the presidential reinstatement of a real thief in the person of Yusuf another great scam has blown open involving the Presidency and those that seat atop.

Daily Watch investigations in Abuja Confirmed that a wider pilfering of Nigeria resources is on going under the cover of the Presidency Daily as the President seem either helpless ,part of it or just unable to act.


Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the Single Treasury Account TSA which was introduced by the Jonathan administration and implemented full blown by the Buhari administration as one of the Panacea to curb stealing in the system seem to have become now the conduit for executive stealing in the Presidency as series of secret withdrawal seem to be hitting several accounts of diverse MDAs without due process forcing many to ask who the hidden hands are in the Presidency involved in this seeming high scale looting even with the TSA in practice and how the Approvals are gotten if not through serious Presidential approval.

The latest of such secret withdrawal is the removal of over 10 billion Naira from the TSA account of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) few days after the suspected reinstatement of a confirmed and suspended thief into same office.

The grand looting which has created silence as usual in the Presidency is said to have been perfected like other withdrawal from the same Single Treasury account which is supposed to be difficult to touch eccept by presidential initiative furlong speculations that the President is either involved in the systematic pilfering of all MDGS account under the Single Treasury regime of some one is playing a fast one with the name and signatures of the President whatever the case maybe.

All Attempts by Daily Watch to get a list of several strange withdrawals from several MDGs like that of the NHIS in the country was blocked by the powers that be in the Presidency while mum is the word in the Villa on this recent scam as everyone murmurs but no one speaks on the new thieves on the block looting the Nations joint resources with a click of their pen at high up in the Presidency that has a Corruption fighting Mantra as its achievement while in practice according to the World corruption Index analysis Nigeria is presently at the peak of corruption never witnessed before in the history of the nation.

Attempts to reach out to the Minister for information was rebuffed by his Media team who complained that such information we inquire falls under the preview of the President Media team and all attempts to hit at the media team was not possible as all message went on unanswered.


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