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Audio: The Janus-face of a manipulator, saboteur, looter and minister, Godswill Akpabio

Ace publisher, Cletus Opukeme, accused Senator Godswill Akpabio of sending rogue/ assassin policemen to raid Warri NUJ office

*How N100 Million moved from RODNAP Constructions to Militants  to blow Agip Pipeline.

*Real Reasons Daily Watch Publisher is wanted dead or alive.

By Cletus Opukeme & Lucky Ojigbo (both Editors, Cletus who reports from his hideout from Akpabio killers police)



That  Godswill Akpabio is one man that can do anything, yes anything to remain in the forefront of power is no more news, neither is it news that the Minister for the Niger Delta with his group has turned the NDDC into their personal business empire and ready in every way to deal with every and anyone on their part in their desperation to continue their  looting spree but the  good news here is the wicked act of manipulation, sabotage and outright wickedness by no other than the Minister for the Niger Delta and supervisor of the NDDC Godswill Akpabio to foist his control and strengthened his looting hold on the Commission though sabotage, pipeline blowing using paid rogue militants who till date  still works for him as hit men hunting persons that raise voices against him.

Daily Watch investigation here in Abuja within weeks has unearthed serious security sabotage on the part of the Niger Delta Minister in his desperation to not just remain in power and relevant but to garner much more than all he stole from Akwa Ibom in his eight years in power as Governor (With the EFCC blocking and Preventing his Prosecution by Kayamo Festus himself now a Minister after Akpabio’s decamping to APC) to fight for his dream political position of a Vice President come 2023.

FILE PHOTO: Niger Delta ex-militants

Daily Watch discreet investigations confirmed that the Niger Delta Minister who today has instigated Rogue Police Officers  or possibly Assassins led by one Reuben Noah whose pictures and locale Daily Watch would soon unravel to go after Daily Watch Publisher and get him dead or Alive has also be enmeshed in the serious act of sponsoring rogue Militants to not only hunt down his  perceived enemies but also blow up pipelines to install himself perfectly in power under the Niger Delta Ministry and cage every other person or persons that as much tries to expose his wicked, heinous and vainglorious  deceit been peddled daily by sponsored Writers and comrades in the person of Cairo Ojugho a member of the looting club that has today condemn the NDDC to a gold field for them.

Ironically, Daily Watch investigations confirmed top  Niger Delta politicians who supposed to protect oil installations have been in the clog in the wheel of peace in Niger Delta constantly sponsoring violence, pipeline bombings time without number from 1999 till date. They sponsored militancy, kidnapping and killings of soldiers to settle political scores. The fate of the Ijaw riverine communities is pathetic during militancy or pipeline bombings in Niger Delta. When top politicians sponsored bombing, kidnapping oil expatriates as well as killing of soldiers for political reasons, the innocent villagers bore the brunt from the fallout of the anger or reprisal actions of the Nigerian military, where in most cases, entire community is burnt down, innocent people killed while the sponsors and perpetrators walked the streets free. These cases are common as innocent villagers have been extras judicially executed by rampaging soldiers in Niger Delta.

Daily Watch Naija News

investigations Confirmed that the recent blowing of Agip Pipeline on February 12th  and reported  even by REUTERS by February 13th that is feeding the Brass Oil Export Terminal ENI  in the Southern Ijaw Bayelsa state by some supposed Militants which culminated in the sacking of Joy Gbene and subsequent employment of one Pondi as the NDDC boss was not only related but has the finger prints of the self glorified  Minister for the Niger Delta who secretly dole out  about 100 Million naira to the Militants who blew the Agip Pipeline in February.

Daily Watch painstaking investigation unearthed what would in better clime be described as outright Sabotage and terrorism in the acts of the Minister who through the Construction Company ( RODNAP)which benefited from the Jacking up of the NDDC Secretariat Building fund from 4 billion Naira to 16 Billion Naira to pay 100 Million Naira to the Militants who carried out the Agip Bombings Febuary 12th night. The payment was made on the 10th February, 2020 by Rodnab to the militants  and bombing commences 12th February, 2020 as directed by the ‘Capon’  Senator Akpabio. If Charles Okah and family, Henry Okah and others are in life jail term the best home for criminal Akpabio is the prison.

Mr.Abu Meepatan, CEO Rodnap, Akpabio’s hence man and partner in crime
Senator Akpabio’s used in many shady transaction

See bank payments receipt as obtained by Daily Watch

Duplicate bank payment receipts of N100,000_00 paid by Rodnab Construction to militants as directed by Niger Delta minister in the captured audio on 10th February, 2020 by Senator Godswill Akpabio to militants to bomb Eni Agip pipeline in Bayelsa state

The Payments which was made in three trenches, saw RODNAP paying a total of 100 Million Naira to the Militants to execute the Job, the same sets of Militants that have become paid Killers for Akpabio and his nest of looters in Abuja here.


Daily Watch findings  with Audio proof Confirmed that Akpabio’s  RODNAP Company (same Company involved in the shocking jacking up of an almost completed  NDDC Secretariat building from 4 billion to 16 billion Naira) paid a whooping hundred Million Naira on February 10th 2020 to the Militants via three transfers using accounts number  114xx34 with creditor been RODNAP and  the said three payments have accounts reference numbers  914556874 in the first payment, with reference number 9144556883 in  the 2nd and the third having  reference number 914455974 all through a payment spot known as Easy way with code * 66# with dates of payment as 2nd of February 2020 at time  of 4 .10 pm in the first transfer, and balance in the recipient account as 52,,054,06274  with the 2nd posted at the same 410 pm with recipient account balance standing at 31,000,00,00 and the third at 41pm with account balance standing at 31,000,000,00 and all from Easy way with the same *66 #

What is succulently clear Daily watch  and documentary /Audio evidences even till date exposed is who the beneficiary of this huge amount from Rodnap is if not the Militants to destroy pipelines as our findings exposed and the audio of his discussed on the sharing formula during his discussed  with the militants attached below exposed all in an effort to sack the amiable and patriotic Dr. Gbene Joy who had painstakingly and strenuously opposed all the moves by Akpabio to convert the NDDC fund to his personal use.

Daily watch News Nigeria already has detailed audio call made by the Niger Delta Minister after the payments on how the proceed from RODNAB, a company that has serious affinity and the agent that moved the cash to the Militants was shared and divided amongst the rogue Militants under the beck and call of God swill Akpabio, the Same Militants that are presently running around with the help of rogue Police Officers hunting the Publisher of Daily Watch obviously for the  damning and shocking details of not just the recently released expose of Akpabio nut several other rots in the NDDC that would eventually not just land Akpabio in jail for looting but economic sabotage using  rogue Militants in the Niger Delta.

Below find the detailed statements of the  Agip management after the blowing of the pipelines as instigated and handsomely paid for to the tune of over 100 million by RODNAP construction under the direct directive of the Niger Delta Minister as the AUDIO below fully exposed and the sharing formula for the sabotage.

Find attached below Statement by Agip  after the pipeline blowing  courtesy of Paid and mobilized rogue Militants by Rodnap  constructions and the Audio indicting Niger Delta Minister Godswill Akpabio.


Blast shuts oil pipeline feeding Nigeria’s Brass oil exports – officials
ABUJA, Feb 13 (Reuters) – An oil pipeline explosion in Nigeria forced the local subsidiary of Italian oil major Eni to close a pipeline feeding the Brass oil export terminal, ENI and a security official said.

The explosion late on Monday was the result of vandalism, Christina Abiakam-Omanu, head of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps in the southern Bayelsa state in the Delta region, told Reuters.

“The leakage aftermath of the explosion has been contained,” she said late on Wednesday, adding a suspect had been arrested.

An Eni spokeswoman said on Thursday the pipeline was in a minor field and had “minimal” impact on production, but said the flow on the line was halted for repair work.

Eni did not comment on any impact on export flows.

The line transports crude to the Brass oil export terminal, which industry analyst FGE said was expected to export around 90,000 barrels per day (bpd) in February.

There are nine flowstations along a 460-km (290-mile) pipeline that feed the Brass terminal, according to information published by Eni. (Reporting by Libby George in Abuja and Tife Owolabi in Yenagoa; Additional reporting by Anamesere Igboeroteonwu in Onitsha; Writing by Paul Carsten and Libby George)

Listen to Daily Watch Captured audio, conversation between Akpabio and militants to bomb oil pipeline


Click link to Agip statement



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