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Atiku Plots to Dump APC for PDP with 10 Top National Assembly Members

Atiku Abubakar

ABUJA –  If feelers from the former vice president Alhaji Abubarkar Atiku Camp of the APC is anything to go by, then the days ahead seem to be terribly bleak for the Party in Power as one of the Pillers of the Party Abubarkarr Atiku is set to dump the party with over Ten APC members in the National Assembly for the People Democratic Party.

The plot which has received the blessing of the massive Atiku Abubarker’’s Political Family is said to be a dramatic move by Atiku Abubaker to take over the ruler-ship of the country come the next Presidential election slated for 2019;


The plot which will see the Abubakar political think-tank merging with that of the PDP would bring about the emergence of a stronger PDP and a greater financial muscle to battle the ruling APC to submission.

Already several millions of naira has been shelled out by the political master Planner Atiku to all the six Geo-political zones to oil the coming of Aticku into the PDP family.

The move which is said to have necessitated some die hard believers in the Atiku Presidency is said to have resulted in several meetings in the Federal Capital territory, Abuja days gone by in which strategies where fine-tuned with an intent to win more converts into the Atiku camp.

Already feelers from the meetings in Atiku’s camp is said to be on the need to anchor the Atiku’s Presidency/campaign on the basis of Restructure of the country which is said to be winning massive
converts in the East and western part of the country and the one euphoria, the Atiku camp is planning to use to pull their way into winning the ticket and eventual presidency.



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