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Atiku grand political exploit exposed; Plans Mimiko, Obi, Odilli for VP



*As the Rtd generals converged to stop him.

*Buhari plots University, farms closure


ABUJA-Atiku 2019 presidential pursuit seem to be taking a firm root despite
all attempts and supra attempts to cage and stop him from actualizing
his one greatest dream of becoming Nigeria President and write his
name in the history books of time.

Daily Watch investigations in Abuja confirmed that the resignation of
Atiku though higly expected was yet a shocker to the Presidency and
key members of the APC who had expected the ex-vice President to tow
the line of cowardice and plead for his numerous business marked for
total annihilation by the APC led government.

Atiku who from all indications and secret meetings days prior to and
after his resignation seem to set his eyes on the PDP would the days
ahead pick his membership card from his ward in Adamawa state.

While the APC seem to be jubilation foolishly that Atiku decampment is
a lone ranger stuff, Daily Watch can confirm that as many as over
three Governors, 20 senators and other key APC members would move with
Atiku as soon as he gets the PDP presidential Ticket which would be
the catalyst for unrivalled decampment by many from the APC.

Daily Watch
can confirm that 40 percent of the Senate and House of
Representative leadership are in tune with Atiku as against the APC
while some Ministers are also waiting in the wings to see how the PDP
Presidential Ticket goes before jumping ship.

The Atiku Political Family in the past three months are said to have
visited the six Geopolitical zones consulting and riding on political
formulations, games and give and take on how his Presidency would go
if backed by the diverse Zones.

In the South East Atiku was impressed upon to pick and Igbo man as
either his Vice President  to get the total backing of the Igbos or
give three powerful positions such as the Secretary to the Government
of the Federation, Chief of staff to the President and  making an igbo
to head the Nigeria Customs  during his Tenure that is if the Vice
President does not come from the East to which an agreement was
reached and Atiku leaning towards Peter Obi ex-Governor of Anambra
State if the East is to get it.

In the  South West the Atiku Political team was said to have reached
also a tentative agreement with the South West in his consultations
with the Strong Man of Lagos Politics Asiwaju Bola Tinubu who was said
to have been somehow shockingly disposed to an Atiku Presidency just
as the Afeniferi Team but on the Condition also that the Country must
be restructured and a Yoruba taking either the Vice President slot or
at worst the secretary to the Government of the Federation to which
Abubakar Atiku also consented to and his Political team are said to be
pencilling the ex-Governor of Ondo State. Present Governor of Ekiti and
Chief Olu Falae for the Vice President Ticket that’s if eventually it
goes to the South West.

The Buhari team is also said to have gotten the goodwill of the South
South who are getting special positions and restructuring assurances
to the bargain.

The North Central seem to be the most auspicious ground for the Atiku
Political family as there are said to be vehement about the problem of
Fulani herdsmen for which there are accusing the Present government of
aiding the Fulanis in the land conquest and acquisitions.

The Atiku team was said to have secretly and severally met with the
Senate President in presence of his key allays such as Dino Malaye and
many others on the possibility of a comprehensive alliance to oust the
APC led government in the 2019 Presidential polls.

But as rosy as it seem Daily Watch can confirm that the ex-President
and his rtd Military friends are said to be pilling serious pressure
on the PDP to discard Atiku for Lamido but this seem to be an
herculean task as the several millions dished out by the Rtd Military
trio of Obasanjo, Babangida and Abdusalami seem not to be working the
desired magic to stop Atiku not even with their ploy to infiltrate and
pick a chairman in the next convention that would be amiable to their

The Presidency is also said not to be left out in the Atiku Phobia
game as the Federal Government after hitting at INTEL servicing
company and totally paralyzing it is said to be aiming at the ex-Vice
President University and farms for attack and closure as a team of
FIRS officials ,National University Commissions and that of
Immigration had been mandated to peruse everything about the
University with the intent of picking out any odd factor that would
aid the closure of the Ex Vp university. Same also is the Pressure
been mounted by the Federal Government on the two states Governors in
the North where Atiku has multi million naira farm to revoke the
Certificate of Occupancy to force Atiku to drop his bis but the man in
the storm seem unconcerned with the Forces arrayed against him as he
is said to be working powerfully behind the scene and handsomely
winning great converts to his dream using the restructuring mantra
which seem to be catching on like a wild fire among four of the six
geo political zones in the country.

Daily Watch attempts to reach out to the APC spokesman Bolaji
Abdullahi was not fruitful but Alhaji Lawan Uba one of the top and
ardent followers of Atiku and Director of Mobilization of  Atiku
Support Group  confirm the series of plots  and supra plots in high
and low places against his boss but to which he sees as not unusual in
a country that the evil aces are trying to stop progress of the

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