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Aso Rock Brouhaha:  Did Vice President Osibanjo actually Kneels down to beg  Abba Kyari?


*VP Would have resigned but for advice his wife and  that of wife of the President, Aisha Buhari


By Lucky Ojigbo, Abuja


Did Vice President Yemi Osibanjo, a SAN and Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria knelt down and kowtow to a key member of the Cabal and unofficial Vice President of the Federal republic of Nigeria Chief Abba Kyari as been speculated by top sources and workers in the Presidential Villa Weeks ago to starve the serious Pressure, emasculation and secret corruption investigations orchestrated by the Cabal?

This seemed to be the Multi Billion Naira question Daily Watch and Nigerians in totality are trying to unravel and confirm as the tension, brouhaha, crisis and power consolidation in the Villa takes on a whole life of its own.

Daily watch investigations within and around the Villa confirmed the story ongoing in hush hush tones among several occupants and workers in the Villa of the Vice President getting really confused and frightened with the spate of antagonism facing him under the Buhari’s administration and was said to have hurriedly kowtow before the Vice leader of the Cabal and unofficial Vice President of  Nigeria to not only forgive him and stop the impending calamities been plotted by the Cabal against him which has seen a secret but comprehensive investigations of all activities of the Vice President since the Coming of the Buhari’s administration with the intent of putting the Vice President under trial after been forced to relinquish his position as was the case of the Ex Chief Justice of the Federation.

While no staff in the Villa was willing to confirmed the begging story, it can truly be confirmed that the Cabal using a past DSS Boss and some other DSS and EFCC boss has continued their comprehensive probe and forensic investigations into all expenditures, contracts and monies that passed through the hands and office of the Vice President with the simple intent of compiling a full dossier that would be used to force the President Mohammadu Buhari o bow to the wish of the Cabal for the final ouster of the Vice President and his final arrangement in the Court of law to finally demystify and cage him.

Daily Watch findings also confirmed that the Vice President Yemi Osibanjo would have eventually resigned few days ago but for the candid advice and strong representations to him not to by the Wife of the President through the Wife of the Vice President not to but tarry awhile as throwing the towel would only create the avenue for the Cabal to fully come after him and rope him with several corruption cases that would see him facing trial in the Court of Law which his Immunity for now would not allow the Cabal dare try until they can force him into resigning his position which would be near impossible knowing that doing so would make his trial for phony corruption cases and money Laundry charges easier.

Daily watch Findings Confirmed hat but for the timely and wise counsel of the First Lady Aisha Buhari who is said to be aware of the plots of the Cabal to not just force the Vice President out of his Position but totally disparage all reputations left of him with diverse phony corruption cases once he is forced out such that he would have little or no single reputation left after the political corruption trial and harassment before several courts of Law in the Country.

Daily watch findings confirmed that it was as a result of this wise counsel from the Wife of President Buhari that stalled and foreclosed any planned or expected resignation of the Vice President no matter the height of attack or provocation from those who rule the Country on behalf of President Buhari who has like the Vice President has become mere ceremonial President and Vice President with the Country fully in the hands of the Cabal made up of Mamman Duara, De factor President, Abba Kyari De factor Vice President, Babagana Kingebe ,political boss in the Cabal and Presidential hopeful of the Cabal come 2023  and four others who together has become the rulers of Nigeria while the President and Vice President remains mere figure heads.

Daily Watch findings Confirmed that most of the recent statements from several spokes persons of the President attributed to President Buhari are merely directives given by the Chief of staff to air and never actually statements of the President as Nigerians are  made to belief, a case in point was the recent statement by Garba Shehu about no one too big for the President to deal with which many attributed as a veiled reference to the Cabal by President Buhari but which indeed was merely a statement given to Garba but Abba Kyari to  drop as a statement from President Buhari who is facing his Surgery in far away London and know not what is going in  his administration headed by the Cabal.

Daily Watch frantic efforts to confirmed from Garba Shehu on how he got his so called President Buhari’s Statements while the President id under Surgery in the UK was not possible as he refuses to answer text messages to his lines just as Laolu Akande, aide to the President also refuses to confirm if the Vice President truly knelt before Abba Kyari to plead for  mercy.




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