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Army’s Crocodile Tears 11 to Hit Niger Delta, OPC Soon


 * Deploys adhoc teams

WARRI-  The successful operation of the Nigerian Army Python dance in the South-East which consumed members of the IPOB and its leader Nanmdi Kanu who is at large,   the siege code named Operation Python Dance, the Nigeria
military seem greatly emboldened and are now set to carry out the gains
of their successes in the South -East to the Niger Delta and the South-West where the Militants’ and the OPC seem to be their planned


With the total takeover of the entire South-East and Nnamdi Kanu
going underground with his supposed lieutenants  and the  unrivalled
security search for him by the Directorate of State Security (DSS)
special team, the Police and Military intelligence all over the South
East, the Nigeria Military is in the next few days set to replicate
same feat in the creeks of the Niger Delta and the South West where
the Militants and the OPC are said to be their new  targets.

The  drive to hit the creeks of the Niger Delta which has been
communicated two days ago to all the Naval high command in  the Niger
Delta is said to be top priority project if the signals to the diverse
military formations in and around the Niger Delta is taken into

The Niger Delta project which  the military is set to launch would
like the South East  be code name as Operation Crocodile Tears 11  is
to pre-empt the reported plot by the Militants in the Niger Delta  to
begin their attack of oil installations in the oil rich Niger Delta

As a step towards the actualization of the operation crocodile
Tears11 many Militants and ex militants leaders House, camps,
locations,  and creeks  has been marked via intelligence  gathering
several weeks past and would witnessed the raid of the Military team
in a matter of days with men of the Nigeria Navy already placed on
alert and newly trained officers sent down to perfect the onslaught
and  to serve as the water troop to transport and support the Army in
the coming onslaught.

  Daily watch investigations confirmed that the creeks and villages
in most of the Niger Delta locale is tensed as they  have somehow
also gotten a hint to the new threats and are already said to be
jittery and tensed knowing how gruesome death like the first  military
siege in the Niger Delta known as operation crocodile tears 1  was,
as it brought  serious  and untold suffering, hunger and tears to the
inhabitants of the Niger Delta.


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