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Appeal Court dashes Kashamu/villa secret agreement

Senator Kashamu Buraji

   *As Kashamu heads to Supreme Court

   *Plots to Polarize PDP in Ogun state  hit the rocks


The secret agreement and plots between some elements in the APC on behalf of the President and the self-acclaimed PDP governorship candidate for Ogun State Senator Kashamu seemed to have hit the rocks if the verdict of the Court of Appeal given few days ago is anything to go by.

Daily Watch investigations had it that the fight by Senator Kashamu  with the PDP is a fight to finish following the fact that the Senator had gone into a secret agreement with some Presidential officers to help Polarize the PDP and create serious Problem in the PDP in Ogun state andin return get reprieve for extradition battle he is said to be facing.

Daily Watch findings had it that the President and the APC are said to be seriously afraid of losing of Ogun State in theGovernorship and Presidential Elections  and more so with the new AmosunIbikunle  new moves to divide the AP support base in to two by pushinganother Candidate in a new party with the fear that it would totally workagainst the APC.

It is this Fear that was said to have pushed the APC and the Presidency to a secret agreement to help neutralize the PDP candidate using Senator Kashamu to also split the PDP and create unusual confusion that would also erode the support base and voting strength of the PDP just as it is happening in the APC.

Daily Watch has it that the recent rulings of the Court of Appeal jolted both Parties as there was an assurance given to the Senator that the Appeal Court would be swayed to give judgment his way until the case gets to the Supreme court by then elections must have come and finally gone.

The two new Judgments became a jolt as it has created a space by which the PDP real candidate would be recognized by INEC pending the Kashamu case as against the wish of the APC negotiators to the deal for Kashamu’s name to be during the case which the new rulings two in number seemed to have cleared.

Daily watch findings has it that the self acclaimed PDP factional Candidate in Ogun state is just as confused with the rulings as the APC Chieftains who were said to have given their assurances of a very favorable rulings even less than two days to the Appeal court verdict.

While the Senator is said to have  opted for Supreme court nothing seemed to be known of the so called secret agreementswith him from the side of the APC following the quick end to the plot farbefore the Ogun state Governorship elections for which the agreement was allabout for.Attempts by DailyWatch to reach out to the Senator on the story of a reported  agreementswith the APC to help polarize the PDP in Ogun state and in return gets FederalGovernment backing not to extradite him for trial abroad over drug relatedcrimes was not possible even as at the time of going to press.

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