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Apologize to Abians for dedicating state to Okija shrine and seek forgiveness rather than talk of T.A Orji-Senator T.A Orji

Senator Theodore A. Orji


Ex-Governor of Abia state Senator Theodore A. Orji has come out in blistering form to caution another ex-Governor and Senator Elect Orji Kalu to do the right thing by apologizing to the people of Abia state from dedicating the state to Okija Shrine and ‘Mamatocracy’ before opening his mouth to speak about forgiving him TA Orji.

T.A Orji who spoke through his Liaison officer   Ifeanyi Umere in Umuahia in reaction to ex Gov Orji kalu’s rant about forgiving him T.A Orji over their political enmity asked chief Orji Kalu to explicitly first tell Nigerians and Abia people the cause of the so called Political enemy  between them both so people would know before talking of any forgiveness  since according to T.A Orji he has no enmity with Orji Kalu but would advise Orji Kalu to seek forgiveness from the people of Abia state (Gods own State) for taking and dedicating the states to a deadly cult group called the Okija Shrine before talking any other thing.

Senator Orji who accused  Orji Kalu of bringing evil and darkness to Abia state through his dedication of the state to the cult sect popularly called Okija should and must first apologized for taking Aba to the dark ages which has kept the state in uncommon darkness even till date.

According to Orji T.A Orji Kalu if not for God intervention wanted to turn Abia state to a family empire like Okorocha of Imo tried by making him T.A Orji to give power to his brother Mascot Orji using Okija Shrine and his mother whom he wanted to use in controlling the whole of Abia and his belled people.

Senator Theodore Orji bluntly told Orji Kalu that he doesn’t have any political quarrel with him as such have nothing to seek from him in relation to forgiveness other than advising him Orji Kalu to go to the people of the state to beg for forgiveness for drawing the state into evil, satanic fetish cult known as the Okija Shrine.

Daily Watch attempts to get the response of the Senator Eke t Chief Orji Kalu over the very harsh statements of T.A Orji as regards the dedication of Abia state to Okija was not possible as at pres time.

(Editor’s note: We are very sorry for the earlier published version which title misrepresented the intention of his Excellency, former Abia state governor, Senator Theodore. A Orji.)





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