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APC Rebirth Group Writes Open Letter to Buhari, Urges him to Listen to Woes of Nigerians


*Says Buhari should apologize to Nigerians









A Position Paper & Open Letter to His Excellency President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR,APC National Leader Bola Ahmed

Tinubu, APC National & State Executive Councils, APC Governors, Zonal & State Leaders on the Mood of Nigeria’s Electorates

Towards our Ruling Political Party, the APC





Support Group



“A warning to the wise is a blessing, but an insult to the foolish.”

                                                                                         – Holy Scriptures


         “In committing myself to the Nigerian project, I am determined to listen to, and understand, the people at the fringe of society. More often than not, we fail to give them our ears and assume that what they have to say or offer has little or nothing to do with our lofty dream for the nation. That, I have come to understand, is a false premise… We have so much to do in this country that every minute lost is a disservice to our people… Balancing the Nigerian project to give it equity and justice is paramount to me. I want all those who are committed to come to us… to bring to me proposals and blueprints on how to make things better.”

President Muhammadu Buhari, nationwide homecoming broadcast, August 21, 2017.

“Mr. President, your relatives are partners with the enemies of Nigeria and paralyzing cogs in our APC administration’s wheel of progress.”  -APC Rebirth 2019 Paper, Page 4 fwd.


         Dear President, how Your Excellency reacts to and the degree to which you hearken to the paper presented below is a litmus test of your commitment to your above quoted avowal to the Nigerian people.



We are a body of Nigerian patriots of the APC political family.


Our membership is drawn from all regions, tribes, professions, leading APC registered support groups and the core APC merger persuasions. Our membership ranges from the pinnacle echelon of our party leadership to the lowest and poorest struggling APC members, as well as apolitical well-meaning Nigerians in general. By our group’s humble and sober standards, we consider the latter – APC grassroots members and ordinary Nigerian electorates – to be the most important building and victory blocks of our party. After all – in case you have forgotten – at the March 28, 2015 Presidential/National Assembly Elections and April 11, 2015 Governorship/State Houses of Assembly Elections, it was not the relatively small number of well-to-do Nigerian voters that brought our party to power. It was rather the ardent commitment of APC campaigners and surging, unprecedented support of poor, long-suffering Nigeria masses, forgotten and forsaken by the then ruling party, who kept faith with our strident change campaign in the watershed elections of 2015 and voted our party into power.

Equally important to remember is the fact that it was the unflagging faith of Nigeria’s poor masses in our party’s compelling promises of a better Nigeria that installed our leader, Muhammadu Buhari, as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. To ignore them or consign them to any place but front-bench importance after victory is a folly of fatal and immeasurable proportion. Regrettably, however, with our President were also installed some of the President’s cold, out-dated, mis-chosen, insensitive co-shepherds and their allies of retrogressive PDP forces presently wearing the toga of APC political appointees inside and outside Aso Presidential Villa. Together, this bizarre marriage between the President’s frontline confidants and their PDP brides are today giving APC’s hard-fought, hard-won victory a bad name and cause for lamentation by millions of our countrymen, party supporters and opposition alike.


Saving APC from a Disastrous Electorate Revolt

There is anguish of unprecedented scale and depth among the poor and lower middle class in Nigeria, which must be addressed with a sense of war-time foreboding and urgency. In the face of grueling economic hardship, pervasive hunger, skyrocketing crimes, widespread rampages of raping and killing Fulani herdsmen, inter-religious violence, regional agitations, monstrous inflation which continues to keep food and essential daily needs beyond the reach of our ordinary masses, despair and disillusion after two years in the saddle of governance, it is too late in the day, for most Nigerians, to continue to accept that the former ruling PDP is entirely responsible for our social-economic woes, however true this once was and largely indelibly still is. To add to the din of widespread discontent, the cries for restructuring, out of both altruistic and mischievous intents, are increasing in uproar. The ship called Nigeria is heading towards sinking grounds. In the calculated words of Chief Emeka Anyaoku, former Secretary-General of the Commonwealth, on August 10, 2017, “Nigeria is sleep-walking to national disaster.”

The most impacted passengers of this ship, the Nigerian masses, our core electorates, are drowning. The current pilots of this ship, our supposedly ruling APC, have become disoriented, mostly from external factors. It is a disorientation caused by the introduction of insidious PDP master-crooks sneaked in through the back door into the heart of the Buhari Administration by the President’s own treacherous confidants and gatekeepers. Gatekeepers who assiduously keep the President’s campaign loyalists, integrity partners and visionary support groups far at bay, while they open wide back doors for their vicious friends and fronts in the opposition PDP to take vantage space in our APC administration. First Lady Aisha Buhari put it perfectly when she observed in October 2016:“People are appointed to top posts because of the influence a few people wield. Some people are sitting down in their homes folding their arms only for them to be called to come and head an agency or ministerial position.”

The only people who can deny this for the fact it is are those who are part of the grand conspiracy, and who have acquired a foothold on our country’s creaky, excruciating anti-poor economy through sporadically stealing misadventures continuing till date in some government departments manned by our opposition agents. There, well-ensconced and cozy, they are harvesting without let opportunities from plum political appointments they didn’t work for but which were knowingly facilitated for them for a share by a cabal of mis-chosen confidants and night nurses of Mr. President, all of them key blood relatives of the President. Ironically, mounting evidence indicates that these traitorous confidants of Mr. President are, without mincing words, President Muhammadu Buhari’s own blood. A few unfeeling, coldly indifferent power hijack artists and carrion crows who neither carry the integrity genes of Mr. President, had no inputs whatsoever to our historic merger union and victory, nor believe in the original APC change mission of our ardent founding fathers.

President Muhammadu Buhari was hardly in charge of the country for a few months when this cabal and their opposition collaborators broke first into his mind, and afterwards his body. Perfidious custodians of his trust that they are, they used the voice of Jacob and the hands of Esau to mislead Mr. President into making the most disastrous, self-sabotaging appointments ever known in the political history of Nigeria. Appointments which are totally against the President’s own integrity, security, well-being, image and projected long-term legacy. With Mr. President out of the way on protracted medical battles as planned, the cabal has sustained their calculated disillusioning of our original APC loyalist columns, support groups, grassroots campaigners and Nigeria’s masses of change enthusiasts across the six cardinal corners of our country. Their inglorious conspiracy against the performance perception of the APC by the public has culminated in a vulgar defamation of our ruling party with the goal of making the APC look bad before Nigeria’s electorates as an appallingly incompetent failure. This is in order to ultimately pave the way for PDP’s return to the centre in 2019 to resume their free looting orgies, tsunamic financial mismanagement calamity, zombie feeding frenzy and country sinking debaucheries. Mr. President, your relatives are partners with the enemies of Nigeria and paralyzing cogs in our APC administration’s wheel of progress. By heeding their agenda of political appointments, Your Excellency has robbed both Peter and Paul to pay the Devil. For the sake of Nigeria, the time to stop these betrayers and their crooks recruited by Mr. President’s treacherous confidants from across the devil’s yard is now.


DSS DG Lawal Musa Daura… A Deckhand Worse than Treason!

It is inconceivable in any political dispensation that Nigeria has ever known, not even at the height of the higgledy-piggledy PDP days of yore and yoke that a PDP President would send a name (in this case Ibrahim Magu as EFCC chairmanship designate) to the National Assembly for confirmation, and the President’s own appointee of another agency (Mr. Lawal Musa Daura, DG of DSS, worst of all a blood relation of Mr. President) would have the divergent temerity to by-pass internal advisory channels of the President and write to the National Assembly to challenge the President head-on in opposition to the President’s nomination and better judgment. In carrying out this audacious act, the present DG of DSS, Lawal Daura, openly heightened the drumbeats of public contempt for our President, as well as our battle-weary ruling party, making us out to the world as a stumbling, incompetent, self-contradicting, fathomlessly inane, lawless political poultry and kindergarten administration. Rather than march in step with Mr. President, the DG of DSS, unconcerned with the fact that the pen of history is constantly wet and scribbling, premeditatedly decided to work against the will, principles, image and honour of Mr. President, his own uncle, and the APC administration. Discerning and concerned Nigerians believe he did this because of assured accommodation by the opposition when, in the internal opposition cabal’s calculation, APC falls in 2019. History has recorded that rather than work in harmony with President Buhari, DG Lawal Daura chose to work intimately with the repelling and rebellious House of Senate led by a man whom political stakeholders of his own Kwara state constituency, in their own words in a press release dated July 13, 2017, described as “the reason why (Nigeria) is bleeding; using the position of the Senate Presidency to hinder sincere fight against corruption… confrontation with the executive arm of government for the removal of the Acting Chairman of the Economic & Financial Crimes Commission, preventing genuine infrastructural development through misplaced budget allocation, while…holding the nation to ransom through acts of legislative impunity.” In the above telling quote, you will notice that we have used no word of own, and have indeed left out more disparaging verdict of the Senate leadership.


         Lucre for Lucifers

Judases don’t betray their victims for nothing. To be sure, betraying Mr. President, working pointedly against his envisioned priority legacy for all time, which is fighting corruption to a standstill, was not a decision taken for its sake by President Buhari’s mis-chosen Villa confidants and operatives. Like every Judas, they did so for profit. Evidence is loud that the President’s betrayers do not care a hoot about his principles, vision and aspirations for a corruption vanquished Nigeria. In their imagination, they calculated that President Buhari would not recover from his health crisis and that they needed to make as much friends with members of the incredibly rich corrupt PDP cabal so that they could obtain and stash away their own bullion vans and billions of fast money for life, well after Buhari, the only stumbling-block at the door-posts of Nigeria’s treasury, is gone. So, they diligently lullabied Mr. President to sleep; to look the other way and paved way for a gold-rush of opposition opportunists from the heart of PDP coven to take up critical political and technical appointments which should have gone to the original change missionaries of our victorious APC merger project throughout Nigeria. In life and politics in particular, it is human to make mistakes of judgment in the choice of human confidants, allies and aides. However, it will be imprudent for President Buhari to continue to nurse, retain and fatten the Brutuses of his aspirations for Nigeria by retaining his own saboteurs who did not only bring in the President’s enemy appointees into the yard but also enticed Mr. President long enough to retain former president Jonathan’s PDP appointees to stay put in their various stations throughout the country two years after a landslide change of power at the centre. It is an incredible run of political hypnotism by the President’s confidants and their sly PDP co-adventurers in the Presidency. The reverse of this misfortune is talismanic calamity for APC loyalists across Nigeria, and invariably Nigeria’s masses in general. For President Muhammadu Buhari to continue to retain these trust betrayers because they are long-time relatives will be sacrificing on the altar of nepotic blood ties the larger interest of 200 million Nigerians whose electorates brought him to power. Rather than feel bumped by this candid counsel, Mr. President may consider with humility the wisdom inherent in the words of famous American social essayist, Ralph Waldo Emerson: “Let me never fall into the vulgar mistake that I’m persecuted when I am contradicted.”


Convene APC National Political Retreat now

As the ruling party at the centre and in the majority of Nigerian states, we have two choices before us. To our own detriment, we can choose to bury our heads in the sand from blame like the preposterous ostrich and flaunt aimless growth and boom statistics like PDP is expert at and used to do in its hey days before its empire fell from its arrogant peak. We can choose to pretend that all is well with our once teeming but fast thinning supporters, once dedicated but now debilitated and dispersing change campaigners, and once hopeful but now embittered and hate-filled Nigerians as we glide dangerously towards the 2019 Judgment Day in the Supreme Court of Nigeria voters. Our second choice is to have the courage and soul-searching sober reflections to enable us evolve a sweeping change of fortunes for Nigerians in general, and to do so urgently, diligently and pragmatically with everything it takes in the short time remaining in our hands. The most fruitful channel to achieve the latter, which is the sensible choice, is the immediate convocation of an APC National Political & Economic Retreat as earnestly proposed above. Where we are in Nigeria today, we cannot afford to continue to wallow in the sympathy mentality that Nigerians will forever reason with us that the prolonged social-economic meltdown in our country is entirely the fault of others. Double-faced blacklegs amongst us, erroneously planted in sacred places of the President’s heart and installed in the Villa, are also guilty, make no mistake about that.

Unlike political retreats we have seen convened in the past by the anti-masses opposition PDP, which consolidate on their avaricious leaders’ wellbeing and mending party stable cracks to facilitate safe looting of our country, the proposed APC retreat should evolve through three stages. The first retreat should be conducted at the local government area levels on the same date throughout the country, where grassroots supporters’ reports on the state of each LGA and the nation, peculiar challenges, solutions and wellbeing of Nigerians and party patriots from the local government areas will be collated and aggregated at each state venue on a second day. The retreat’s third day and grand finale should comprise APC national party leadership, authentic APC delegates representing the states, foundational APC federal cabinet ministers and appointees; not opportunistic post-victory joiners and fly-by-night adoptees who found their way through back doors of corrupted appointment lists drawn by Mr. President’s Aso Villa confidants who exploited and betrayed the innocent trust of the President to get deadly agents of the opposition into government. At the second stage, reports of the state retreat should be aggregated to provide direction, executive compass and acceleration for projects, programmes and policy priorities of the Administration for intervention in areas of urgent and optimum impact on electorates in different parts of our country. Such retreat will throw up the truly most urgent needs of the people throughout Nigeria and foster the Federal Government’s sense of immediacy on electorate assuring and vote winning interventions. These should include, for instance, expeditiously fixing notoriously failed sections of major inter-regional arterial federal roads as the East-West highways south of the country, Apapa Road, West of the country, and the nightmarishly devastated Ekpoma section of federal road, South-South of the country, which has in the last few months of rain turned that section of Ekpoma community to a mud lake. This should include effectively getting the North’s children back to schools in the post-Boko Haram era by strengthening the school feeding programme which has suffered a blow from the general downturn of federal revenue earnings. The overall outcome of such retreat will accelerate decision processes from the President’s desk to the least APC administered local government council in Nigeria, and help us to put behind us the better part of the last two years during which decisions on virtually everything from budget legislation, executive actions and appointments to justice dispensation have been a nightmare of excruciating sluggard pace and beggarly delays.

Buhari support groups and APC followers are left in the cold, and life could never be worse for most of them who are now the laughing-stock of the opposition. Contractors and contractual engagements which command a vast population of direct and indirect dependents across the country are locked down by endless bureaucracies of approval and MDAs corruption in short-changing mobilization of contractors, while budget-year after budget-year since our Administration’s inception in 2015 flees past without impact especially on APC followers and the masses who voted for us. We maintain without apology or equivocation that running a political economy such as that of Nigeria on which 200,000 million citizens depend and plug into for their survival cannot be attended to with the same leisurely pace we have known in the last two years. That kind of pace belongs to smaller populations and economies such as the Gambia, Botswana, Ghana, Seychelles and Guinea. Even so, evidence abound that those much smaller countries of the earth are not enamored of such pace.


         Who is Ruling Nigeria? Certainly Not APC…

         To the world APC is ruling Nigeria. But this is only in ceremony and not in practice. APC merely reigns as a matter of alphabets while, thanks to the President’s two-faced men, PDP firmly rules Nigeria. Daily, with the help of our President’s sly confidants, they are consolidating their grip as born-again architects of development while they are actually vicious prophets of perfidy zeroing to corner Nigeria again in 2019 and to recover their traction for looting to the doom whatever may be left of Nigeria after the present order.

PDP is virtually in commanding charge of the three arms of government. Its omnipresent whore spirit cuddles to and controls in its firm grip the three statutory arms of government: the Executive represented by the highly infiltrated and perforated Buhari Presidency, the National Assembly laden with perfidious lawmakers who work with opposition members to ensure that all stellar proposals of President Buhari are shot down and that the President’s capacity to achieve great infrastructure feats for the nation never see the light of day, and the Judiciary locked down by a school of bench determined to buck the President’s anti-corruption fight and ensure it ends in frustration and ridicule. This paradox makes governance twice more uphill and nearly impossible for our APC Administration in all fronts, obstructing the President from achieving governance landmarks that would speak to history and obtain a positive verdict of Nigerian electorates in the two remaining short years. Unless something drastic is done to arrest all of the above phenomena. The simplest measurement of this fact is to ask a basic question: who gets his way in critical issues before the three constitutional arms of government? In the Presidency (the executive arm) PDP has supreme attention for appointments and presidential memos through the President’s deliberately misleading, double-faced confidants who have since inception guided the president’s heart and signatures, unbeknownst to him, in favour of the PDP strategy cabal and their appointment candidates. In the National Assembly, PDP rules tall and impregnable, killing with ease any projection of the Presidency that would make Buhari’s administration stand out and which PDP did not want to see happen. An instance is President Buhari’s request of approval for a $30billion infrastructure turn-around funding loan for development of the Niger Delta, the devastated North East zone and other regions of the country in the face of meagre national revenues resulting from the plunge of oil prices in the international market. Till date, the PDP caucus of the National Assembly has continued to stand down the confirmation of the President’s EFCC chairmanship nominee, Mr. Ibrahim Magu. In the judicial arm, except “ownerless” properties pinned to corrupt acquisition, all anti-corruption cases against PDP principals and PDP support principalities find their way into the refuse bin through a mumble-jumble of legal abracadabra by PDP betrothed judges. A cash-and-carry field day in the judicial arm, recently rated as one of the three most corruption-ridden institutions in Nigeria, is presently reminiscent of the days when 270-count corruption charges against a PDP felon in Nigeria would end up in 100% discharge and acquittal, whereas only ten counts of the same charges outside Nigeria’s borders would land a half decade of solid conviction on a former PDP governor. Poor Prof. Itse Sagay, the chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee on Corruption, may cry himself hoarse all he wants; it’s only a matter of time before every case of his committee and the hapless EFCC is thrown into the waste bin. So, who is ruling Nigeria? Certainly, not the true APC exponents of our 2015 change campaigns. PDP is still politically and practically in charge. The following are other tangible proofs that PDP is structurally, politically and economically in charge of Nigeria.

         PDP Holds Agency Appointments & Dispenses Public Recruitments Two Years after APC’s Take-over at the Centre: Fostered by the betrayers of the President and APC’s change vision, those who have benefitted most from political appointments are PDP appointed heads of agencies throughout the country. The overwhelming majority of applicants who are benefitting from our APC administration’s N-Power programmes, CBN Anchor Borrowers agric loans, except in Kebbi state, Bank of Industry SME loans nationwide, all employments done into the Nigeria civil and public services since the inception of the Buhari administration and recruitments into blue-chip public and private oil and banking sectors are PDP wards, supporters and followers who are being consciously tutored and fostered by empowerment smart and savvy PDP politicians in virtually all states of the federation. We have done our investigation. We challenge you to do yours on this assertion state by state.

         Payment of Contractor Arrears: Over 90% payments of federal contractors’ debt arrears running to nearly two trillion naira, carried over from the PDP years and some dating back to 1994, have been approved by the Buhari-APC Administration to be paid to PDP installed and PDP loyal contractors, under the mantra that government is a continuous service. A great deal of these contracts were awarded outside due process. Others were fake, inflated or round-tripped contracts. Over 90% awarded new contracts since the beginning of the Buhari Administration have been to PDP installed and PDP loyal contractors. Nearly 100% of abandoned and recycled contracts from the PDP years to date have been issued by conniving MDAs to PDP installed contractors with whom corrupt Permanent Secretaries and ministry directors have been working together during all the PDP years. This brings us back to the baseline question. Which political parties would these masses of empowered beneficiaries vote for and donate huge campaign funds to in 2019? The answer is apparent. PDP. What an irony. A trouncing irony for a party in power, thanks to the hands rocking the cradle at the Presidency, the President’s very relatives and trust abusing confidants.


President Buhari & Ibrahim Magu, Two Unforgivable Stumbling-blocks: A Call for Heightened Security

President Buhari’s ideological betrayers actually secretly and fervently admire the guts and stolen super-riches of PDP rogues. Like qualmless carrion crows, they are deviously poised to feed on the President’s body, dead or alive; to be done with him and have unfettered bond with the PDP enterprise of wealth without industry, increase without productivity and awe without honour. Together with their PDP partners, they will fight EFCC bloody and its chairmanship designate, Ibrahim Magu, to the death; till Magu flees Nigeria for his life like Nuhu Ribadu did in 2008. We hereby call on those who have responsibility for the President’s medicine chest, kitchen menu, day to day physical security and well-being to triple their vigilance against these wolves and their shadowy partners from the other side of the enemy lines. Only this will prevent another breach and penetration of the President’s health. We make the same appeal for citizen Magu.

              President Buhari and Ibrahim Magu are unforgivable threats to Nigeria’s looting cabal, which comprise members of the National Assembly, the Judiciary, corrupt state governments, their fraudulent corporate contractors and money laundering banking sector partners who work and scheme together in the shadows with the President’s mis-chosen confidants. The President’s and Magu’s security apparatchiks should therefore be more creative today than ever before and rig up a vigilance efficacy beyond the reach of those who will stop at nothing to get both men out of the way by all means. The frontal daylight attacks by gunmen on Magu’s EFCC headquarters on August 13, 2017 is a signature statement of the determination of the cabal who President Buhari’s own confidants are surreptitiously working with to scuttle and bring to ashes the President’s legacy project of fighting corruption to a halt.             If we must avert imminent tragedy in the Buhari EFCC house, the Administration should not be shy to engage the well-tooled cutting-edge security services of the West – the US’ FBI, Britain’s MI5 and others. The allied security services should be physically on ground to rejig and cover weak flanks of the President’s and Magu’s security, and to pre-emptively take on the cabal who are out for both public officers, key operatives of their mandates and dissenting voices against mismanagement of Nigeria’s public funds. The daring gunshots at Magu, his personnel in Rivers state and the poisoning blows at the President’s life should not be taken lightly because they are not threats to the mere persons of Mr. President or Magu. They are a diabolic assault on the entire masses of Nigeria aimed at intimidating the public from asking questions on Nigeria’s stolen or mismanaged funds and from seeking probity in public finance management. Beyond that, it is a war expressly declared by the country’s inglorious looting cabal against millions of Nigerians, fostered and emboldened by the implicit body language of the President’s mis-chosen confidants for governance. They are actually attempts in one blow at the lives and future of Nigeria’s youths and posterity on behalf of whom President Buhari and Magu’s EFCC are insisting on a corruption-diminished Nigeria. All well-meaning Nigerians should therefore not only be concerned but take up active cause against the forces responsible for these attacks. Failure to do this will lead to an undesirable page of Mafia-style assassinations which will inadvertently consume innocent victims on all sides, reverse the clock of the anti-corruption fight in Nigeria, give a new lease of life to free official looting of Nigeria’s resources, trigger the total collapse of the country’s already fragile economy and may subsequently lead our land to a hydra-headed Venezuela type of upheavals in no distant time.


A Call for APC Leaders to Urgently Redeem Course

Quitting the APC which our mega party heroes of yesterday so assiduously laboured to build to form another political party all over, as some have threatened and others have suggested, is not an option. Rather, let us re-focus and take back our party from a few maladroit opportunists who have abducted it for a mess of ransom. Therefore, on behalf of millions of our long-suffering APC followers all over Nigeria and the common good of all Nigerians who supported us only 26 months ago to lead our nation from chaos to change, we of the APC Rebirth 2019 support group fervently appeal to our party’s extraordinary leaders to rise to duty. We implore our generals of the political trenches whose path-finding ideology, battle-front sagacity and unforgettable sacrifices in wrestling Nigeria from the claws of PDP’s principalities and our country from the brink of ruin to rise and wrestle back the soul, character and essence of our great party from the usurpers and betrayers of our President’s original altruistic vision for Nigeria.

It is too late in the day for you to continue to stand at bay and “siddon look” while unscrupulous former by-standers who never soiled their robes with a sweat drop, never lifted a broomstick to drive a fly from “General” Buhari’s back during our hectic change campaigns across the length and breadth of Nigeria, who cannot produce a single photograph of themselves taken during our broom-swirling campaign trails, slink slyly around and plant themselves rigidly in your fronts after our historic, hard-won victory. It is too dangerous for our nation for you to continue to watch them throw wrecking schemes against our party unity, ideological manifesto, party machine and collective spirit. We cannot emphasize enough the exigency and urgency of this plea. Accordingly, we hereby implore the National Working Committee and National Executive Council of our party, our leaders, their Excellency the inimitable Ahmed Bola Tinubu, Chief Bisi Akande and Babatunde Fasolas of the West; Chief John Odigie-Oyegun, Chief Tony Momoh, Adams Oshiomhole and Rotimi Amaechis of the South; Dr. OgbonnayaOnu, Rochas Okorocha and Dr. Chris Ngiges of the East; Buhari presidency conceptualization pioneers such as the excellent Alhaji Lawal Idris, Engr. Rabiu Kwankwaso, Alh. Tanko Al-Makura, Alh. Bello Masari, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai and Solomon Dalungs of the North; our quintessential First Lady, Spirit of Courage and Senator-in-Waiting Hajia Aisha Buhari, as well as our party’s change mantra supporters all over Nigeria to rise for the redemption of our party. In the communal counsel of Munia Khan, “Our mistakes would not wish for anything more if we could just stop giving birth to them.” Back here in Africa, we are tutored in the sagery of our forebears that a goat should not give birth on a tether while wise elders watch. Her agony in confining restraints may result in potential stillbirth. As leaders and elders of the ruling party, let us, please, stop allowing one mistake to give birth to others especially from Mr. President’s perfidious, mis-chosen and over-reaching gatekeepers in cahoots with the cabal from the devil’s yard.




Mr. President’s Promise to Listen

In Mr. President’s homecoming broadcast of August 21, 2017, he promised Nigeria a new resolve for the rest of his days as President and father of the nation. A resolve “to listen to and understand the people for the advancement of the Nigerian project.” A good place to start in demonstrating his honesty and matching promise with action is to disengage, evacuate and redeploy far from the Presidential Villa the culpable ring leaders of his double-dealing, retrogressive, anti-change relatives and find responsibility for them in other harmless frontiers of governance where they would not continue to be a cog in the wheel of our party’s progress and original revolutionary change train. This is in consonance with the President’s avowal in the same address when he stated with unparalleled frankness: “For me, this period of ailment has been an opportunity for great reflection… I have had time to look at Nigeria from outside. I have watched with great interest how the wheels of the nation work from afar. They are not working… We have to radically transform this country if we want to survive. I’m looking for a holistic treatment of all that ails us… My generation has played its part. We must have the courage to begin a systematic disengagement so that the next generation can take the lead. If our present malaise is a spell, it has run its course.” This is very apt for Mr. President’s mis-focused confidants, relatives and operatives in the Villa and the DSS.

Nigerians easily forget…

         In the words of Vineet Raj Kapoor, “In your early years, people correct you. But when you become an adult, they neither correct you nor forgive you.” At the infancy of our Buhari/APC administration, a few months after Mr. President was sworn into power and led our party’s takeover of government at the centre, many rational Nigerians accepted that the administration met a poor treasury and were willing to forgive our hard start. Two years on and almost like middle age into the first four-year term, the majority of poverty buffeted Nigerians are not so eager to accommodate the same alibi for continued hardship. As long as hunger is still widespread and is indeed worsening in many homes since the PDP-incubated recession coincidentally matured during our administration, fired by a remorseless, cantankerous and sadistic opposition, Nigerians easily forget the good side of our administration’s fairest efforts and achievements. But they will never forgive the downside, especially as we inch daily towards the 2019 finish line for another General Election. Please see the full text of this series of our release titled “NIGERIANS EASILY FORGET.”

The power to bring about the change that will dramatically transform Nigeria in the best vision of President Buhari is not with the Presidency despite all its powers. It is not with the National Assembly, despite all its counter-powers. And it is not with the Judiciary, despite its awe. This is because the power of the Nigerian Presidency, counter-powers of the National Assembly and awe of the Judiciary are all articles for sale to the highest bidder by those who have betrayed the President’s trust and best intentions and manipulate the internal levers of power beneath the surface. The secret for the historical success of Buhari’s administration in the fast running remaining two years is in the civil population and progressive media of Nigeria. And the key to unlock that code is with us of the APC AR19 umbrella support group. We will unveil this plan at the above proposed APC National Political Retreat, if the leaders of our party harken for it to hold.

Dear fellow countrymen, there is no redemption in the PDP, however they whitewash themselves in the cloak of born-again good governance crusaders on behalf of Nigerians, using the national economic recession that beset our country and which they authored as a shelter from which to throw stones at the APC administration. In the earnest autopsy and historical admission of Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, the PDP’s three-time minister and Coordinator of the National Economy for a half decade under the PDP, the foundation of Nigeria’s present recession was brutally laid by PDP administrations through voracious anti-saving mismanagement of the national treasury (George Washington University conference of world financial leaders, Thursday April 14, 2016).Most discerning Nigerians still understand that the calamity and collapse of the Nigerian economy is a consequence of PDP’s insane national looting debauchery at federal, state and local government levels. For a political party which has not till date found cause to show to Nigerians the faintest iota of remorse for the myriads of heart-stopping and heart-breaking revelations of the obscenest, most wide-spread and prolonged national treasury looting orgies in the history of any country in Africa and the world, even Satan’s political party, if he formed one, would have a better prospect for Nigerians.


Ayo Fayose& Femi Fani-Kayode on President Buhari’s Future Return to                             London for Treatment

         The inglorious association beneath the surface of the President’s own blood brothers and mis-chosen confidants with the PDP cabal continues to give gumption and confidence to morally bankrupt human refuse and privileged hypocrites like Ayo Fayose and Femi Fani-Kayode, fueling them to rain every other day unrelenting deluge of assaults on the President of Nigeria, on our common sensibilities and unwritten morality code as cultured Africans. At some point, moral society has got to stand up for history and tell these gnomes to their faces: “Enough is enough.” We have come to that point.

         Dear Mr. President, your life is worth more than one billion Ayo Fayose and Femi Fani-Kayode combined. Our earnest prayers are for your fullest recovery. If, however, a relapse should occur in your health that makes it imperative to return to your London doctors, do not hesitate one split moment to proceed. Do not factor in the tsetse-fly harassments of Ayo Fayose, Fani-Kayode and their PDP sponsored protests of sadists in Abuja or London streets, but proceed pronto, assured of the prayers and good will of earnest, rational, and God fearing Nigerians, who are far in the majority.


         Forgiving PDP in Face of Anguishing Economic Hardship in Nigeria

The best chastisement by all Nigerians for the morally bankrupt members of the political menagerie called PDP is to dig in deep into our being as a nation and spiritually forgive them for the foundation of hell and bedlam they laid for our country. We must forgive them as fellow countrymen, as Christians or Muslims, consign their sordid history to the past, ignore their false born-again charades and by way of moving forward consolidate support for the genuine membership of the APC replacement party.

The pains of today’s grueling economic hardship among the poor, distressing social upheavals and wide-spread crimes are real. Only an institution worse than the PDP can deny that. Parents are depositing their children as collateral for a bag of rice, only to permanently abscond, leaving such children in excruciating bewilderment and trauma. In another verified case, a child kidnapper abducted two children aged eight and thirteen and deposited them for two bags of rice at No. 63 Marwa Road, Chemist Bus Stop in Satellite Town of Lagos state, then absconded with the rice bags for good. In Owerrinta, Isialagwa South council of Abia state, a poor farmer sold his son for #300,000, receiving only #140,000 advance payment from the herbalist buyer of the 14 month old baby whom the farmer had traded for rituals. A woman absconded from her new-born twins at Felken Maternity Centre in Somolu, Lagos state, because of desperate poverty and inability to cope with four other children to be fed. In Ogun state, a father and mother conspired to use their eight-year old daughter for sacrifice, cut off one of her fingers, tied her in double sacks and dumped her on a public roadside to suffocate to death, as recommended by their ritual herbalist. In another part of Ogun state, a 63-year old man murdered his sixteen-year old step-daughter for money rituals and sold her decapitated head for #3,000. In Warri, Delta state, the fifteen years old albino son of Nigeria’s national female football coach, Florence Omagbemi, was lured to a popular hotel with another classmate of the same age by their school teacher; both were butchered for money rituals. In Plateau state, a father beheaded his handsome seven-year old son, axed off his legs at the knees and bunched the “meat’ of his own son into his car for money rituals. In Calabar, a mother of five, Mrs. Udoaka Sunday, hawks her 12-year-old daughter to old men, including a 78-year old ex-soldier, Effiom Okon, and numerous others in a despicable mutually consented slave-sex abuse of her own daughter. She compels the 12-year old to pass through the men’s homes on her fufu and zobo hawking rounds to have sex with them. To feed herself and her other children, the mother collects payments ranging between #3,000 and #15,000 from the debauchers after their orgies with her under-aged daughter. On our far northern continental borders, the Mediterranean ocean has become a liquid cemetery for hundreds of thousands of Nigerian and African youths. Desperate youths who in search of greener pastures in Europe, rather than buckle under the living hell of excruciating poverty at home and exclusion from their corruption ravaged economies, have continued to plunge headlong into horrifying deaths in the Mediterranean while our shameless legislators, judiciary and politicians throw around lip-serving grammar of serving the fatherland. Across the landscape of our country, chilling tales of diabolic avarice and poverty-crazed families have become increasingly regular occurrences with inadequate law enforcement apparatus to tame these revolting menaces. Corruption induced sloppy investigations and prosecutions lead to nowhere except freedom for perpetuators who return to society for more atrocities as soon as money exchange hands behind police counters and judges’ assignations. In the North-East, there is a resurgence of Boko Haram suicide bombings. Among other atrocities, these involve, so far, the use of 83 under-aged girls this year alone from January 1st to August, according to a UNICEF count. In the face of the widespread economic hardship in our country, looting of dumbfounding scale persists in some sectors at both state and national levels where the PDP-type kleptomaniac bug is waking up again; indeed re-evolving with frightful brazenness as demonstrated by the recent gun attacks on the lives of Magu and his men. Public treasury looting is growing back to the size it was when our President Buhari first took over power and began to fumigate it in 2015.



The sporadic turnout of excited bunches of youths and sundry who poured out to welcome President Buhari from his first and second medical trips should by no stretch of the imagination delude anyone in the true APC family that it is a nationwide re-election popularity of Mr. President or our party. If you gauge objectively today’s weather-beaten anguish and antipathy of Nigeria’s card holding electorates towards our party as it presently stands, you will understand that nothing can be farther from the truth.

Mr. President must also not allow himself to be fooled by the occasional meetings with PDP governors and leaders where they fan him with beautiful speeches of “Father of the Nation” and comedy. They simply still need Mr. President’s undiscriminating free flow of bail-out funds into their private pockets for as long as possible, and to grow campaign chests for thrashing APC silly in the 2019 General Elections. The undiscriminating bailout buffets are a major policy error of the Buhari Presidency as the 2019 elections will soon prove. In 2019, President Buhari will find that each smiling opposition tooth is actually a vengeful, blood-dripping hell dagger that will slash Buhari’s image and APC administration’s achievements to shreds. Unless this paper forces PDP’s hand to do a corporate anti-Buhari policy turn-around.  It is not hard either to guess those who supported or promoted this short-sighted policy of free-flowing bailout funds for PDP governors: President Buhari’s double-dealing bat confidants who, through the policy, gained many friends in the corrupt opposition and “goodwill” commissions.

Our party must seek and gain the strong support and existential cooperation of Nigerians with the APC administration led by President Muhammadu Buhari, the most sincere anti-corruption leader living among both Muslim and Christian politicians of Nigeria and Africa, Nigeria can achieve redemption, recovery, reconstruction and development revolution in all frontiers in record time. But in the short time between, we must re-invent, awaken, fire-up and harvest the brimming enthusiasm of Nigeria’s youths, the vanishing bulk of change campaigners, support groups and voters who delivered victory to us in both the presidential and state elections of 2015.


         Indemnity/Arrest of this Group: We wish to warn that any cabal controlled organ of government seeking arrest of leaders or members of our group should not waste tax-payers’ resources looking for us. A certified invitation convened through APC national chairman or other known national officer of our party and delivered at our party secretariat is sufficient and will receive our compliance to walk into your handcuffs or cells. This should not by any means be misconstrued to mean that our party, the APC, or any individual in the rank and file of its officialdom is responsible or liable for any part of this press release, because they are not. We of APC Rebirth 2019 Support Group take total responsibility for this release. We or our undersigned leader shall walk into your cells within 48 hours, depending on distance of our leaders from your facility at the time of authenticating your invitation. We offer this measure of cooperation to you for two goals: to save tax-payers money in searching for us, and to have the opportunity to tell to your face, eyeball-to-eyeball, grave truths and reality of our nation’s travails which you are so blissfully unbothered about. We jointly own this country. We are prepared to pay any price sanctioned by God to be recorded by history as among those who will not allow this country to drift into the disease of disorder and disaster through corruption and the massive vices of corporate criminals which inevitably tear nations down.

God bless Nigeria electorates. God bless APC Support Groups.

God bless APC. God help PDP. God bless Nigeria.











National Coordinator, APC REBIRTH 2019



  1. His Excellency Muhammadu Buhari, President & Commander-in-Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
  2. His Excellency Prof. Yemi Osinbanjo, Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
  3. APC National Central Working Committee.
  4. APC National Board of Trustees.
  5. BSO/APC Support Groups, 36 States and Abuja Federal Capital Territory.
  6. APC State Governors & Local Council Chairmen.
  7. APC Senate Caucus.
  8. APC House of Representatives Caucus.
  9. APC State Executive Councils, 36 States and Abuja Federal Capital Territory.
  10. Nigeria Media/NUJ State Councils & Chapels, 36 States Abuja National Council.
  11. Embassies, Foreign Missions &Consulates in Nigeria.
  12. NGOs and Civil Society Organizations across Nigeria.








         “The power to bring about the change that will dramatically transform Nigeria in the best vision of President Buhari is not with the Presidency despite all its powers. It is not with the National Assembly, despite all its counter-powers. And it is not with the Judiciary, despite its awe. This is because the power of the Nigerian Presidency, counter-powers of the National Assembly and awe of the Judiciary are all articles for sale to the highest bidder by those who have betrayed the President’s trust and best intentions and manipulate the internal levers of power beneath the surface. The secret for the historical success of Buhari’s administration in the fast running remaining two years is in the civil population and progressive media of Nigeria. And the key to unlock that code is with us of the APC AR19 umbrella support group. We will unveil this plan at the above proposed APC National Political Retreat, if the leaders of our great party harken for it to hold.”                                    


   –  APC REBIRTH 2019



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