APC plots Amosun, Okorocha’s disgrace

Amosun Ibikunle and Rochas Okorochas


*Party top hierarchy, cabal meets to work against duo for plotting against Party’s candidates.

Two of the APC governors in the person of Ogun state Governor and his Imo state Counterpart would be having a herculean task wining their senatorial position in the coming elections if the plots of the APC Chairman, the cabal and the Party hierarchy decisions in a recent meet and is anything to go by.

Daily Watch Sources in Abuja confirmed that three meets were held in the past three days on what to do with the Imo state Governor Rochas Okorocha and his Ogun state Counterpart who are seen as renegades in the APC following their open boast to work against the party’s candidates in the Imo and Ogun state Governorship elections.

The Chairman and the Cabal have therefore also instituted and plotted serious modalities to see that both Governors lose their Senatorial seat they both are contesting for just as they are plotting to also help the legitimate APC Candidates lose their governorship pursuit but supporting a  their candidates in alternative parties other than the APC.

Daily Watch Sources had it that already the APC chairman is said to be reaching out to the Party hierarchy in the two states to vote against the two governors in the Senatorial elections just the same way the two governors are plotting against the Party’s governorship candidates.

Daily Watch findings has it that the two governors are already said to be abreast with the plot of the APC and its chairman to also punish them both by also working o the mainstream APC member to also work against the Senatorial ambition of them both.

Attempts by Daily Watch to speak  with Amosun Media aide was no possible but the Spokesman for Okorocha Confirmed also hearing the same plot but was of the views that the APC ad its chairman’s plot would totally hit the rock since the main APC frame is still with the governor as such cannot be influence by the Chairman or the Party against  Rochas Okorocha.




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