APC, nPDP failed dialogue: Bubble bursts in Adamawa as Nyako, father set to port



        *As Grass cutter Lawal Babachir fully takes control

        *Eyes SDP, ADC or PDP

         *Describe APC, nPDP discuss as complete ruse

Murtala Nyako

ADAMAWA-Except for extreme divine intervention the bubble in the Adamawa state APC that had Nyako’s, Ribadu and Babachir as joint controller of APC in the state has finally hit the walls as the Nyakos (Senator Nyako Abdul-Azeeez and father, Ex Adamawa Gov Murtala Nyako) are  set to dump the APC for a new Party in the very few days ahead over the failed negotiation between APC and members of nPDP.

Daily Watch roaming in Adamawa Confirmed that the Nyakos are set to jump ship immediately they are able to get succor and leverage in any of the ADC, SDP and PDP that is able to accommodate their interest and supporters in Adamawa state with certain conditions attached.

According to Daily watch findings the Nyankos have reached out to Obasanjo led ADC , Secondus led PDP and the SDP in talks over their new directive on and may opt for one of the three except there is a magic want from the APC which is least expected as the Presidency has accepted Babachir Lawal ex Secretary to the Federal Government and renowned Grass Cutter as the main man in Adamawa APC as against  Murtala and Abdul-Azeez Nyako who had been the main figure in the APC  during  to 2015 nPDP  shift to APC.

Abdul-Azeez who spoke to Daily watch team described the APC as a party set on the road to Golgotha and that he and his father and their thousands of supporters already marginalized  in the APC in Adamawa state are set to jump ship to a better and more organized Party as the APC is not only playing a deceitful game in their negotiations and discuss with members of the nPDP that formed the APC but that all the discussions are simply a ruse.

In the words of Senator Abdul-Azeez, representing Adamawa Central in the Senate and Son of the Ex Governor of Adamawa state ‘’ father has given me the green light to negotiate our exit to any new platform that is genuine and sufficiently ready and willing to accommodate our teeming supporters in Adamawa state as the APC is a sinking ship and all discussion with the nPDP are mere ruse and a coded deception’’

The Senator who felt cheated and badly treated with his father and followers are set to move on with their political endeavor in a new Party in the few days ahead but certainly not foreclosing settling with the APC if Babachir is dropped speedily from or as the main figure in APC in Adamawa state as it is now before their porting.

Attempts to reach out to other leaders like Nuhu Ribadu, the Governor etc on the reported moves by Senator Nyako and his Father to jettison the Party for another was not possible but the Senator representing Adamawa central confirmed plans to port out of the APC in the very few days ahead.





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