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APC Lobbies Bafarawa, others with Promise to Drop Corruption Cases



*Decamp and we drop your trial-APC

*Now adopt subtle blackmail to lure members.



ABUJA- Soon most top PDP members having cases in the different courts in the
Country would soon have their cases dropped as soon as they agreed to
pitch their tenth with the APC if the plea of some key members of the
APC reaching out committee is anything to draw from.

Daily Watch investigations recently confirmed serious fears among the
APC leaders over the feasibility of winning the 2019 Presidential
Elections except some immediate and drastic steps are taken and put
into place and among them are striving to see that a strategy is implemented.

The latest one is the new promises of employment opportunities that people would battle for and registration process etc would lapse into late 2018 and the announcement of several incentives and projects weather done or not
but with the inaugurations like the Ogoni clean-up that was
inaugurated with fanfare and after that nothing in the South East to
deceive the people of the government change to favoring of the South
East and the luring of top and influential PDP members.


Already some of these measures are in place as the government has
promised several millions of skill acquisition schemes for the youths
with thousand already rushing to the net to fill forms when many other
such projects initiated for employments are yet to be felt.

Again, the Party leaders Led by Malam El Rufai weeks back were aid to
have paid shocking visits to several PDP leaders having cases to make
move to the APC for their cases to be killed or tempered with in such
a way that the Prosecuting team would push haphazardly to make
discharged possible.

One of the many PDP members so far approached is said to be the former
Governor of Sokoto state  Alhaji  Bafarawa who was said to have sent
back the APC team with the assurance that he would fight his case to
the local end rather than decamp to APC and cut corners to  exonerate

Daily Watch attempts to speak with Bafarawa directly  was not feasible
but one of his staunch supporter Mohamed Wulkil was on hand to confirm
the APC lobbying team though was evasive about the promises of
dropping of cases made to the Ex-Governor of Sokoto state who the
President once labelled a thief for his support of the PDP prior to the
Presidential elections.


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