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APC leaders re-align into caucuses for 2019


 *El-Rufai/Amaechi caucus, Tinubu caucus and the Saraki’s.

APC National Chairman, Chief Oyegun


LAGOS-Despite what seem strong political and united forces among the APC
leadership in their joint effort to present Mohammadu Buhari as the
Party Presidential candidate there seem to be some underlying game

Daily Watch investigations has confirmed and unearthed a deep division
among the leaders of the APC  in to over four major caucus that seem
to be pretending to be on one course while I truth they are all
fighting for their individual interest.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the most powerful and
conspicuous of all the  caucuses battling for 2019 is the EL
Rufai/Rotimi Amaechi’s group which so far has about 16 to 18 governors
in the group.

The group which met October and against December is said to be run like
a cult with Amaechi and El Rufai on top of the caucus under whom many
APC leaders are involved with.

This group which openly canvasses and meet as a support group for
Buhari 2019 pursuit is said to be secretly mobilizing for their
selves, that is a joint ticket between El-Rufai and Rotimi Amaechi
ticket if Buhari did not run.

According to investigations, this group are said to ask members to take
an Oath of Allegiance  to the group uniformity for the Buhari ticket
while underneath is their own political next in case Buhari failed to

Among top members of this Group are Mallam El Rufai, Rotimi Amaechi,
John Odigie Oyegun about 16 to 18 state governors and several

The other Group who seem to be reading the script of El Rufai and
Amaechi and also creating their own Caucus is the  Bola Tinubu which
has almost all the South West Governors under its hold with many
members of the National assembly on their list, this group which is
also set to battle the El Rufai Group if Buhari failed to stand is
plotting a Bola Tinubu ticket with  a Northern governor in the person
of Governor Shema of Bornu state or a Kwakwaso /Tinubu contest.

Another Caucus is that of the Senate President Bukola Saraki who is
said to be having a two way strategy which involved crossing over to
the PDP with several Members of the National Assembly in the Dying
minute if Buhari is actually throwing his towel to the ring or remain
to battle with the other caucuses for the Presidential ticket if
Buhari opts out.

Daily Watch forays in to all the group confirms certain amount of
strong followership in each caucuses but with the El Rufai’s caucus
having a upper hand. While all the groups pretends to be pro Buhari
2019 caucuses the truth is al the groups are struggling  and taking
vantage positions for themselves come 2019 when they are certain
Buhari may out of age or health pull out of the race in the dying

Daily watch attempts to speak to Bolaji Abdullahi, the spokesperson
and Publicity secretary of the APC on the diverse political caucuses
in the APC and their working on vantage positioning was not possible
as his aide confirmed he can speak to the press until January


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