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APC Guber candidate for Ogun, Dapo Abiodun in Certificates Scam?

Mr. Dapo Abiodun

 *As he declared different qualifications while going for Senate and Gov.

   *Suspected not to have NYSC Certificate so deliberately filled WAEC for Gov

Trouble seemed close to the APC have in Ogun State Dapo Abiodun over his several certificates he claimed to have gotten when he sought to go to the Senate in the 2015 elections in his INEC forms but turned to wipe out all claimed qualifications while now filling the same INEC form for governorship Elections.

 Daily Watch findings confirmed that Dapo seemed to have read the handwriting on the wall after claiming several qualification on INEC forms while going for Senate but fast to change all when filling the Governorship form to just the West African Examination Council result  to avoid questions on his  NYSC discharged Certificate and other issues prompting may in the state to question the speed with Dapo dropping of his several claimed qualifications before now.

Daily Watch findings has it that when he ran for  Ogun East Senatorial  seat in 2015 he claimed to have graduatedfrom Ife in 1986 and  also went to Kennesaw State University in the inAtlanta George and graduated in 1959,all these he had in his INEC form F001with his several from  Ogun state High Court.

Shockingly and very strangely  while he claimed to have Obtained BBA (Hons) accounting as his degree from Ife he failed to state the exact course he studied at Kennesaw University. But in his Curriculum Vitae he claimed to have a degree in Engineering in Civil Engineering received from Kennesaw University in USA.

Taking all into consideration it is clear that even if he proceeded immediately from Ife to Kennesaw State University he wouldn’t have graduated before 1990 as a Civil Engineer since it is a four year course at Kennesaw State University.

If placed side by side it simply also meant that he never did the Mandatory NYSC program me taking into consideration from his age and year of Graduation h should be 26 years as such very eligible for the NYSC program me which he seemed also to have skipped.

Daily Watch frantically try to reach out to the APC Candidate Dapo to explain the funny disparity and deceit in his document for senate and  that o governorship coupled with the NYSC abracadabra but was not lucky just as all effort to reach Bola Tinubu his godfather who helped him beat Amosun to get the ticket for the Ogun state Governorship pursuit under the APC was also not possible




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