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Anti-grazing law: Presidency plots against Ortom 2nd term bid

Muhammadu Buhari

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ABUJA-Except for divine intervention or last minute change of mind by the
President the second term bid of the Governor of Benue state seem
closed over his signing of the Anti-Grazing bill into law.

Daily watch
investigations in Abuja has confirmed a very power plot to
block the second term bid of the Benue State Governor over his
Sponsoring and signing of the Anti-grazing Bill into law despite
severe caution and warnings to the contrary.’


The anti-grazing law which to many Nigerians seem to be not just the
only best bid to curb the rampaging and territorial acquisition bid of
the herdsmen but the most potent move for peace in Benue state seem to
have set the Benue state governor on war part with not just the
President of the federal Republic of Nigeria but with several self-centred parties in the state and Nigeria.

 Daily Watch can confirm that the plot which has the imprint of the
President and commander in chief of the armed forces has also many
citizens of the state involved in who are fighting tooth and nails to
get themselves poisoned as the next governor of the state if the plot
eventually sails through thereby backing the plot against the Governor
and the Benue people over the anti-grazing laws.

Already several millions have been dished out by some members of the
Mayeti Allah cattle Rearers in Benue state who are said to be
vehemently opposed to the anti-grazing laws which to every intent and
purpose has  greatly stopped the land advancement, farmers Cattle
breeders clash and reduce dramatically the several lootings and
killings that the state was known  before the law was signed  as  a
total of well over 92 billion naira worth of properties was
destroyed,9 thousand  household affected , 500  people missing and
half a million  displaced  and 2,000 lives lost  in attacks that
spanned  over 14 out of the 23 local government areas in Benue State
by Herdsmen between 2023 to 2016.

Daily Watch
investigations confirmed that the Federation of Mayiti
Allah are totally against the Laws and have commenced financial /every
form of lobby to see to the death of the bill even before it eventual
became laws and are still said to be mobilizing to stop the
implementation of the law to wish all the security agencies in the
Country are reluctant to implement since the presidency is said to be
totally displease with the laws and now plotting against Governor
Othom so as to discourage other states Governors like Taraba state
others who are  towing same line of  anti-grazing laws which though
the best to curb the clashes but shocking a big anathema to those in
the seat of power in Abuja and surrogates of the President in Benue
State for reasons best known to them

Daily Watch
can confirmed that the Benue Governor who has gotten wind
of the APC top hierarchy and the Presidency  secret plot against him
is said to be mobilizing towards decamping to another Party to pursue
his second term dream if the Presidency and APC plots shows signs of
materialization the  months ahead.

Already several selfish Benue indigenes are said to be lining up to
support the revoking of the said law if the presidency backs them to
take over from the state governor come 2019 governorship elections not
caring the implications for the Benue people.

Daily  watch Attempts to speak to one of the outspoken Miyeti Allah
leaders in the state Kauti Hore about the plots and financial
contributions to block Othom second term bid was vehemently  resisted
by his subordinates around him but the  media team to the state
Governor pleaded with Daily Watch for more time to get the views of
their Master before getting back to us.


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