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Anti-Graft War; Real reason Nigeria was suspended from Egmont group


           * As AGF/EFCC battle over juicy cases                     

ABUJA-That Nigeria anti-corruption war is getting knock within and outside Nigeria is no more news  but what is shocking  is the news  that Nigeria for the first time in the history of the Egmont group has been officially suspended by the  international anti-corruption Group made up of over  135 member Nation from the Group for some shocking reasons that have now put a question mark on the much hyped anti-graft war of the Buhari administration.


Daily Watch discreet investigations confirmed that Nigeria suspension was for  among other reasons the inappropriate and  deceitful manner the anti-corruption war is been fought in the Country.

This much was alluded to when the Attotney General of the Federation Abubakar Malami (SAN) flayed and accused the EFCC boss as the major cause in the near death of the anti graft war in the country.

The accusation which was launched by Malami in a public spat several days ago has created real revelations about the genuine aim of the Present administration fight against corruption which to many is still just a mantra that is used to target only perceived enemies and opposition members of the PDP as no serious case of the over thirty corruption related looting in the Present administration has been investigated or charged to court but shockingly  handled in a family way as if there exist two laws in the anti-corruption battle with one  for the APC led government and his acolytes  and the other for others who are not in the APC or their acolytes.

According to Daily Watch investigations, the Attorney General was said to have pointedly accused Ibrahim Magu  the Chairman of the EFCC of Killing the anti-gtaft War and bungling many high profile cases;  thereby, helping to cause the suspension of the Country from the Egmont group of anti-corruption  Nations.


Abubakar Malami  was also  to openly   accuse the Magu led EFCC of breaching section 10(1) of the EFCC Acts which explicitly states that the EFCC  must send complex corruption cases  to the AGF for better corporation and prosecution for their personal gains thereby   killing the anti-graft war.

In the words of the AGF ‘‘The EFCC chairman has flagrantly breached and keep breaching section 10(1) of the EFCC Acts itself and this seem to be a reason for the bungling of many high profile cases that would have sailed through if there were to be collaboration in prosecution between the AGF and the EFCC’’

But What the AGF refuses to say is why also are cases that involved APC and their acolytes given to panels rather that the EFCC to prosecute there by settling great corruption cases in a family way via handshake?.

What also  was not disclosed by the Attorney General was  why  his office and the EFCC is battling over who to prosecute certain cases  in the so called anti-corruption war that even Egmont Group was able to see the  façade  involved in it all  and the wish for personal gains in the prosecution  and  basically on who to get the special tips from the culprits  so as to kill the basics of the case during Prosecution.

Daily Watch finding exposed this fact as the main cause of the secret bickering between the office of the AGF and the EFCC as to who would handle high profile cases and which of the Prosecuting Counsel to use since there is honey in several of this so called high profile case mostly if it is awkwardly prosecuted in such a way as to give the culprit lee way to escape justice which has been the trend with most of the EFCC cases where Nigerians are  told of monumental stealing and looting with enough evidence only for the cases to be thrown out  as a result of the same EFCC bungling of  it and then shifting the blame to the judges after intentionally bungling the cases intentionally  as a result of getting tips from the accuse to do so which is what the AGF was  indirectly alluding to in his spat with the EFCC chairman.

Daily watch attempt to speak  spokesman of the EFCC and the AGF was not feasible but was lucky with the Minister for information  who spoke on the spat over who has the rights of  Prosecution  for ‘lucrative cases’and  the breach of sections  10 (1)of the EFCC  by the office of the AGF  as the Minister bluntly told Daily Watch that the President as Usual is investigating the issue.

In the Minister words “’the President is aware and is investigating the brawl between the AGF and the EFCC as  the President  is the Employer of both.There are divergent views between the AGF and the EFCC chairman and the appropriate authority  would look into it”’

But what the information Minister didn’t say was when the President would do just that as the brickbat between the AGF and the EFCC is already creating  a wave of unbelief in the much hyped anti corruption battle of this administration as even foreign bodies are said to be totally withdrawing in their support for the EFCC as a result of  these brickbats and inadequate prosecution and investigative runs of the EFCC as shown by the Country’s suspension by Egmont an international anti corruption group with 135 member nation.


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