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Anti-corruption war:  Buhari, Magu think Nigerians are fools, General Maxwell explodes

Ibrahim Magu and Muhammadu Buhari


*Giwa Osagie, Atiku’s Lawyer facing 2million dollars Money Laundry charges over Election and Bola Tinubu with Bullion Van loot loaded with Billions gallivants all over Nigeria free.

By Steve Seigha, Calabar

“Today, the EFCC is pretending to be fighting corruption by taking Abubakar Atiku Lawyer Osagie to court for Money Laundry amounting to about 2million dollars he was accused of transacting with during elections yet at that same time and clime two bullion Vans loaded to brim with cash were moved in the full glare of Television and even went viral  on net to the strong man of Lagos politics directly from the presidency, with not a whimper from the so called Magu led EFCC till this minute forcing one to ask if this Magu led EFCC is merely fooling itself or thinks Nigerians are fools and don’t see the games the EFCC and President Buhari is playing when it concerns corruption in Nigerian which now has two different approaches and laws”.

As usual with vocal General Maxwell Udoh, leader of the New Bakkasi strike Force (NBSF), who has transformed from the militant leader he is to a strong human right activist, social critic and a vibrant commentator on National issue .He spoke with Daily Watch man Ojigbo Lucky on the reported planned trial of Lawyer to Atiku, Giwa Osagie for money Laundry and sundry other issues. Excerpts-

General Udoh succinctly described the trial o Atiku’s boy and Lawyer Osagie as a total ruse and an attempt to make it seem like the so called Magu led EFCC is working when in actual fact the EFCC is virtually dead in the hands of the maximum Ruler of Nigeria Buhari.

In the words of General Udoh “ the reported plot to charge Atiku’s Lawyer to Court is simply to give a semblance of a working EFCC to Nigerians and the world and create the impression that Atiku is not a clean Man for if it were not so why has Bola Tinubu, a man that at the same period had two bullion vans loaded with cash driving into his abode not also on trial? Why is it so so difficult to go after the man with  bullion vans of cash and simply running aground the man with 2million dollars or whatever? Does it not sow that the EFCC itself under Magu has become a big disgrace and a cumulative embarrassment o Nigerians and the world. When you let a huge culprit to gallivant all over Nigeria and yet go about in the media announcing and show casing the trial of some small fry. Why is it hard for the EFCC led by Magu to open up on the Bullion Vans seen entering Bola Tinubu’s Boudillion Mansion? Why are Nigerians not asking questions on the strange and embarrassing corruption fight?”

Udoh, likened Buhari to someone that thinks he is wise but whom everyone knows so much about, he described Magu and his EFCC as a mere parastatals under the Presidency hence can’t go after real looters and thieves but simply run after Yahoo Yahoo and people that are perceived as enemies of President Mohammadu Buhari.

According to General Udoh ”President Buhari thinks he is the wise one here and actually fooling Nigerians while in truth Nigerians see through all his Shenanigans just as the EFCC led by Magu has transformed itself to one big parastatals under President Mohammadu Buhari that would never be taken seriously until it goes after Bola Tinubu for the Bullion Van cash just as it is doing with Giwa Osagie. Without that, the EFCC is simply like Buhari deceiving itself rather than Nigerians for everyone sees clearly the tainted voice behind the whole Charade of a trial of Giwa Osagie for Money Laundry when the biggest Launderer of cash in bullion Vans is presently sitting and dining with President Buhari and Magu even inside the seat of Power”.

General Udoh described the anti Graft agencies as dead and the fight against corruption as simply dead until men who are known thieves, looters and all but dining daily with the President are brought before the court of Law by the EFCC and the several properties and accounts frozen and seized like it is done to others.

In the Views of General Maxwell ”The so called EFCC frankly is none existing on ground and can never be taken seriously until men like  Godswil Akpabio , the Ex governor of Akwa -Ibom, Bola Tinubu, the two Bullion Van launderer, Timipreye Sylvia, Rotimi Amaechi, the Chief of Staff to Buhari for the NTN bribe saga, Babachir Lawal and hundreds of others have their own properties and accounts seized and frozen kike it is done with others there cannot be said to be any anti corruption war been fought in Nigeria can only be described as a complete and total façade and biggest deceit in the history of Nigeria’’.





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