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Anambra 2021: Umenne assures victory for PDP

By Chukwudi Ejimofor

The Chairman of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Aguata Local Government Area Chapter Nnanyelugo Sunny Umenne has called on the party faithful to be steadfast in their loyalty to the party, as PDP is poised to be at Agu Awka (Government House Awka) come 2021.

Nnanyelugo Sunny Umenne made the call at Achina, during the event of meet the people Tour of PDP Aguata LGA Executive member’s visit of Achina PDP ward 1.
He reminded Ndi-Achina how the Obiano administration has neglected the town in his seven years in office as the Governor of Anambra state despite the facts that Achina has been voting All Progresive Grand Alliances (APGA) in virtually all the elections in the state, yet the town is  hugely neglected by the government.
He specifically mentioned the five kilometer Achina-Onne-Ogboji road that was awarded, and commenced construction by the former Governor Peter Obi’s administration, which according to him is near erosion site, and the Ama Okparanwa gully erosion that is ravaging the community which no attention has been paid by the Governor, Chief Willie Obiano.
”Achina Town, we all know before now is an APGA community, but for the past 19 years your community has nothing to show in terms of government presence. I know of the road that leads from Achina to Ogboji that was awarded and started by Mr Peter Obi’s administration, I saw it in YouTube, where it’s been abandoned by Willie Obiano’s administration, and it’s now a near erosion site and impassable.
I passed through the other part of your town, and noticed another erosion site, which if not checked, it may consume your community in no distant time, but God forbid!”
The seneario has show that despite all your efforts to be part of the government is not recognized. But don’t border, be rest assured that come 2021 when PDP will takeover government in Anambra state, all these issues will be adequately addressed and solved.
This ward tour is part of our initiatives to familiarize the party with its members at the ward level.
I must also commend your Chairman, because from what we have noticed, there is no doubt he performing very well”.  Nnanyelugo posited.
Addressing the crowd, Nze Andy Azike, one of PDP stakeholders in Achina PDP ward 1 urged the leadership of PDP in Anambra to refrain from factional tendency if they want PDP to move forward in the Anambra state.
”The failure of PDP to win elections in Anambra, from records has always been enhanced by the PDP members themselves. We annihilate ourselves because of self centeredness, (if not me nobody else). When any aspirant didn’t win in primary elections, he will align with another party to pay him some ransom, and deny PDP the victory. This is not how to play politics.
In the last Senatorial, Federal House of Representative and State House of Assemblies election in the state, I was in this town, when the PDP leadership ganged up and voted against their party because the other party gave them money.
The governorship election is around the conner, I enjoin Anambra state PDP leadership to initiate a genuine reconciliation that will accommodate everybody, for us to work as a team. Achina ward 1 is intact. During the last election, we voted PDP all the way, so i urge the leadership of PDP to unite and stops dividing our votes with other political parties. They lure us with stipends, we abandon the substance.” Nze Andy Azike averred.




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