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Ambode Akinwumi finalizes plot to move to ADC if…

Governor Akinwunmi Ambode

*OBJ, ADC leaders and Ambode finally reached a compromise.

*As Bola Tinubu rejects plea from Akiolu, Adeboye others to back Ambode.

By Okion Lucky

Except for any last minute change of Plans the executive governor of Lagos state is to contest his 2nd term election under the ADC as the godfather f the APC in Lagos State Bola Tinubu has remain firmed in his plot to use Sanwo Olu to change the incumbent Akinwunmi Ambode despite series of Pressures from several top Nigerians.

Daily watch investigations confirmed that while Bola Tinubu has perfected a plot to use his ardent followers to vote against Ambode in the coming APC Primary Ambode on his Part has perfected move to move within 2nds to the ADC and pick te Party’s governorship Ticket once he lost out in the APC Primary which he is certainly going to except there is a change of plan before the Primary.

Daly watch investigations confirmed that Bola Tinubu is totally bent on easing out of Ambode as he has totally refused several entreaties from the Presidency, the Leader of the Redeem Christian Church, the Traditional Ruler of Lagos Akiolu and Several others with the lame excuse of not able to interfere but allow a level playing field of all aspirants.

Daily Watch findings has it that the Lagos state governor having read rightly the game plot of the Jagaban of South West Politics has sealed out agreements with the ADC and Ex President Olusegun Obasanjo to move to the ADC to pursue his 2nd term bid once he loses out in the APC Primary to Bola Tinubu anointed Candidate Sanwo Olu.

Already, the Leader of the APC in Lagos has totally fine tuned all plots by his ardent supporters to go into the Primaries and vote against the incumbent who is said to have offended the leader by refusing certain business proposals put up by the leader.

Daily Watch attempts o speak with the spokes person of the Lagos state Governor Chief Akinwumi Ambode on the reported plots and supra plots by the APC top brass to block his 2ned term was not possible as all those close to the governor chooses to remain mute on anything concerning Bola Tinubu.






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