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Amaju Pinnick:  We will resist negative forces against his job, N/Delta youths warn

NFF President Amaju Pinnick

  By Cletus Opukeme

A coalition of Niger Delta Youths under the aegis of Delta State Ethnic Nationalities Youth Leaders Forum has warned in strong terms all those behind one Harrison Jala and most particularly, the former Sports Minister, Solomon Dalung, that the details of all their clandestine plots to undermine the good work that the Amaju led NFF has done to enhance and advance the development of football in Nigeria is being carefully collated and shall be met with stiff resistance if they do not desist from their actions.

In a joint press statement Wednesday signed by  Eric Omare (President, IYC) Weyinmi Agbateyiniro (President, Itsekiri National Youth Council) Festus Otesiri (President,  Urhobo Youth Council) Ovie Umuakpo (President, Isoko National Youth Assembly) and  Benjamin Onwubolu (President,  Ndokwa Youth Movement)  threatened that there would be stiff resistance on the life and job of Amaju Pinnick.



The statement reads ‘‘We state that the campaign of calumny against the NFF boss and all members of his team is because those behind the evil plot could not manipulate the Amaju led NFF board to make the NFF funds meant for the advancement and development of football available to  them for the purpose of  squandering same amongs the very few cabals, hence they have resulted to all forms of blackmail.

‘‘To achieve their clandestine plot, they have employed the media which has failed woefully since the truth about all  the allegations they raised against the Amaju Pinnick led NFF board is already in the public domain. At the realisation that  they couldn’t use the media to achieve their aim they resulted to writing petitions to all relevant agencies in this regard and when this also failed, they have now taken to the judiciary which is the most appropriate place to get justice if they truly believe they are on a just cause.

‘‘No one in NFF today that is familiar with the workings of the current NFF board led by Amaju Pinnick that is not aware that since November,2014 and with the approval of members in the General Assembly (Congress),the Amaju Pinnick led NFF board has engaged and maintained till date,the services of globally reputable financial advisory firms like Price Water House Coopers(PwC) as independent External Auditors and, Financial Derivatives Company (FDC) as financial advisors and with both firms granting all financial transactions of the Amaju Pinnick led board a clean bill of health after thorough auditing.’’

According to them, the questions in the lips of all sports lovers all over the country therefore has been who is shouting wolf when in the actual sense ,there is none or is it that someone is trying to be holier than the Pope?

‘‘For those who do not know,Amaju Pinnick in the past over 12 consecutive years has carve a niche for himself in football administration in Nigeria and beyond and as Niger Deltans,he is  an asset and a role model and so,we would not allow fifth columnist to destroy his good work and reputation under the guise of fighting corruption. We7 have nothing against calling public officers to account but such a call should not be used to promote personal political and economic interest.

‘‘We call on the sponsors of the campaign of calumny to stop the pull him down syndrome. We are therefore for the very last time issuing this as a last warning to all those involved to stay clear of Amaju Pinnick led NFF board or we shall exposed them and their sponsors in the days ahead. A word is enough for the wise’’ they warned.




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