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Amaechi/El’Rufai compel APC governors swear an oath of allegiance to Buhari for Second tenure


*others protest oath swearing, condemn El- Rufai’s,
Amaechi’s game plan

Meetings in name of Support for Buhari but plotting joint
ticket in case.

P/H-Tension unrivalled is brewing in the APC among the several governors over the role of Amaechi and El Rufai’s super status as main Buhari’s hench men while indirectly working for their self-interest.

Daily Watch investigations confirms that as much as  Fourteen Governors are said to be uncomfortable with the activities
and scheming of the duo of Amaechi Rotimi , minister for transport and
the Kaduna state Governor Mallam El-Rufai over their serial meets with
select governors and top APC leaders in the name of winning support
via Oath of Allegiance for Buhari 2nd term ticket.


The Governors are said to be angry that they were deliberately not
only left out but been schemed in a party which they all have equal

According to Daily Watch findings El Rufai and Rotimo Amaechi are both
said to be holding serial meet in which they asked those invited to
swear on Oath to be of AAligience to the Buhari political family no
matter what but secretly fanning their own next as they are building
secretly their own political team for President and Vice president in
case Buhari has a relapse and failed to want to go for 2019then the
duo would have mustard enough structure and support on ground to take
over the ticket using the already worked out political family
structure they have built in the name of Buhari 2nd term as the launch

According to Daily Watch findings the meetings were first held in Oct
and again the most recent been weeks ago  in the Home of Rotimi
Amaechi in Abuja here in which 14 governors were not invited  and in
which the  duo exreacted pledges of alligience  under Oathfor Buhari
to emerge come 2019 and for them all to remain one political family.

The first  meet  was attended by Governor El-Rufa and Rotimi Amaechi
also have in attendance the governors of Kogi state Yahaya
Bello,Abdullahi Gaduji of Kano state ,Ibrahim Gaidem of Yobe
state,Mohammed Abubakar of Bauchi state ,Tanko Almakura of Nassarawa
State while the 2nd meet which was held on the 18 of December  in
Rotimi Amaechi Abode  had Simeon Lalong of Plateau state ,Atiku Bagidu
of Kebbi state, Samuel Ortom of Benue state and  Mohammed Jubrilla of
Adamawa state .

Some Other Governors not invited were said to be either loyal to the
Jagaban of South West Politics  who the duo felt can not be trusted on
his loyalty to the Buhari ticket in extention the Amaechi’s El-Rufai
game plan if Buhari failed to context while others are been penciled
down for some form of consultations before and enlarged invitations.

While the Kwara state governor and Niger State Governors were left out
for their close affinity to Bukola Saraki whom they see as having eyes
on the same Ticket if Buhari failed to as such not sure for the
El-Rufai /Amaechi game plan.

Daily Watch can confirm that El Rufai and Rotimi meetings under their
so called Buhari Political group is simply a way of using a single
stone to kill the same bird that’s creating a new platform within the
APC that would be seen as a strong force fighting for Buhari’s
presidential second term bid but secretly building their own Political
nest if there is anti-change in the President’s health that would
necessitate the President not contesting  and their political
groupings would come handy for the emergence of An El-Rufai/Rotimi
Amaechi’s ticket in the APC.


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