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Amaechi wants to play god in Rivers politics- Magnus Abe



*Wike cautioned me about all that is happening now



P/H-The Crisis rocking the APC in Rivers state seem far from abetting
rather than that, it seem dirty and long hidden secrets are been
unfolded as foot Soldiers of  Emperor Amaechi Rotimi as he is called
in Rivers and Senator Abe fires shots at each other.

Daily Watch investigations in Rivers state Confirmed that the whole
brouhaha in the rivers state APC is tied strictly to the desire of
Rotimi Amaechi ‘to foist on the Rivers state APC a Governorship
candidate in the person of Tonye  Cole rather than allow for the
members of the Party to democratically make their choices.

This one man decision to force everyone to toe his line seem to be the
major problem that is to be tearing the Party apart as one of the two
major aspirants refuses to toe the line of Amaechi that governorship
hopefuls in the persons of Senator Magnus Abe and Dakuku Peterside,
the former APC  governorship candidate in the 2015 Governorship
elections  should swallow their ambition.

While Dakuku Peterside the former APC governorship candidate in the
2015 election was said to have bowed to the Emperor as he had already
been made the boss of NIMASA courtesy of Rotimi Amaechi, Senator
Magnus Abe refused to abide by Amaechi’s dictate and this singular act
seem to have placed Abe, his followers and supporters as outcast in
Rivers State APC as Rotimi Amaechi has vowed to muscle Abe and any of
his followers or supporters of the Party.

Few days ago, the altercations took a different dimension when One of
Amaechi’s notable foot soldier in the person of Senator Andrew Uchendu
directly fired some ‘missiles’ on Abe calling him an ingrate with an
inordinate ambition  and a man that has gotten much more in the hands
of Rotimi Amaechi than he has ever contributed as Amaechi made him the
Senator he is today and the ex Secretary to the Rivers State
Government that he was in time past.

This insult was not taken lightly by Senator Abe who likened  Andrew
Uchendu to a man who doesn’t know  about the past so spoke out of
ignorance or based on what his Masters must have told him since
according to him Amaechi is simply just trying to play God in the
whole Governorship battle and that for Amaechi or any other person to
claim that he Abe never contributed to Amaechi’s advancement in
Politics shows a high level of either ignorance or mere desperation as
he Abe and the  Present Governor  or Rivers State  Nyesom Wike were
the two men that stood and fought for Amaechi’s case in the Court when
even Amaechi ran to Ghana under the heat of Obasanjo and Wike
personally handled all the legal and court related battle while he Abe
was the one Amaechi was calling every other day and handling the
Political logistics until the case was won and Amaechi made Rivers
Governor and for which he gave the Chief of Staff to Wike and the
Secretary to the Government to him Abe.

According to Senator Abe ‘’it is either Senator Uchendu Andrew  was
just been Childish, sheepish or ignorant or merely been funny to claim
that I have not contributed anything to Amaechi’s rise in Politics but
gained a lot when the fact remains that myself and Governor Wike were
Amaechi’s main men who stood our ground to battle through the Courts
until he gained his seat back from Omehia and eventually compensated
us with SSG and Chief of Staff to the Governor’’

Abe also claimed that Governor Wike when leaving the Amaechi camp of
the PDP then did warn him about the Man Amaechi and his likely traits
politically but he never saw what Wike saw then and truly shocked to
see all Governor Wike warned him about playing out before his own

In his Words ‘’Wike the Present Rivers State Governor did warn me
greatly then about the person of Amaechi  and his tendency to betray
those close to him at the last minute but then I didn’t take it
seriously until now when all Governor Wike told me several years back
when he fell out with Amaechi are now playing out exactly as Wike told

“There is always  this attempt to play down Wike’s contribution to
Amaechi’s Success in Court, the truth is that  Wike was pivotal to
what happened  in the court ,just as I was to how we got  the

Senator Magnus attributed the whole problem in Rivers APC to the
desire of one man to play GOD by foisting his choice on everyone which
is undemocratic and wicked when  viewed from every angle.

Attempts to get through to Senator Uchendu or Amaechi media team was
not possible as at the time of going to press.


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