Home CRIME Almost all Tiv communities in Nassarawa hit by herdsmen

Almost all Tiv communities in Nassarawa hit by herdsmen



    *78 killed as searches for more corps still on as at the time of this report

      *Over 10,000 if not more now refugees and their communities inhabited by same killers.


NASARAWA-In a well-crafted but extremely deadly way the headsmen seem to be in haste to wipe out the foot prints of all Tivs from the Soil of Nassarawa state if the recent carnage by them is anything to work on.

Daily Watch investigations’ in Nassarawa confirmed that the killing of Tivs and ransacking of almost all Tiv villages and communities in Nassarawa is still ongoing despite the utterances of the Military and the Nassarawa state governor to the contrary.

Daily watch roving crew who was in Nasarawa confirmed an over flow of refugees from several Tivs communities leveled by the headsmen in  a well plotted and executed style reminiscence of the attack of  Cubans in the American Bay of Pigs.

At a moderate count over 78 bodies have so far been recovered with more expected to be picked from the bushes from the less than four days carnage and killing spree by the headsmen that cut across the several Tivs communities in the state  from  Awe, Doma, Usula, Jangwa ,Uluji, Ayaakaa, Uvirriks etc all Communities in Nassarawa State.

The killings presently has seen well over 10,000-100,000 refuges now on ground. Daily Watch spoke with the  president of the Tiv people Organization in Nassarawa  Mr.Peter Ahemba who in almost shocking tears lamented the plot of the headsmen not just to kill the Tivs but to drive the Tivs people totally out of Nasarawa state with the pattern of their attack which is not only well scripted but tactically crafted.

In his words ‘’’The Fulani headsmen are on a mission to wipe out the Tivs from the face of Nassarawa state and the earth from the way they go about their onslaught and attack with the Fulani headed army and government looking the other way, in less than a week over 100,000 refuges and about 78 corpses have so far been recovered with many more still at the different bushes’’.

Daily watch also reached out to the Nasarawa Police Spokesman who confirmed the attacks but refused to put any figure to the death toll as according to him, the figures are yet to be verified and counted.


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