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Alleged Theft:  Irri indigenes in diaspora urge security agents to arrest culprits

Police IG, Muhammed Adamu
By Kelvin Ohoror
Concerned Irri indigenes in diaspora led by All Branches chairman Mr. Eniye Isaac Ogbe has called on security agents to arrest Mr. Lucky Obuwaye and Chief Duke Coast for allegedly stolen and selling BEDC stepdown and amoured cables of the community.
This called was made by the Concerned Irri indigenes in diaspora having sought the opinion of community stakeholders and leaders.
The Concerned Irri indigenes in diaspora alleged that, they use crane to lift the stepdown into a heavy duty vehicle ( a maximum size truck) in a broad daylight.
According to the All Branches chairman, Mr. Eniye Isaac Ogbe the stepdown transformer and amoured cables were stolen on the 2nd of July, 2020. The case was reported by one Mr. Adigheji Orahemo to Oleh divisional police station were a written statement was obtained from the alleged culprits.
He also alleged that, “The statements they made to the police were full of lies; first they said they sent the stepdown for repairs; later they stated that they sold both the stepdown transformer and the amoured cables in order to generate fund for the community”.
“The entire community is aware that, there is no iota of truth in the statements they made at the Divisional Police Station, Oleh”, he said.
He noted that, to stop the police from doing their investigation, they quickly ran to Oleh High Court to file a Fundamental Human Right suit against Mr. Adigheji Orahemo, the Divisional Police Officer, Oleh and the Commissioner of Police, Asaba which is still at the High Court, Oleh and the case was adjourned to 4th of November for further hearing.
He furher opined that, they will not rest until the alleged culprits are brought to book, noting that the crime they committed is a against the Federal Government.
He furher stressed that, Mr. Lucky Obuwaye and others have no right to sell Irri community stepdown and amoured cables all in the name of generating revenue for the community but rather generating money into their pockets.
He furher reiterate that, “We are calling on the security agents to investigate, arrest the culprits and persecute them accordingly”.
He also said that, going to court to stop security agents from doing their investigation will not discourage them from pursuing this case of theft to logical end, he stated.
Meanwhile in a statement obtained from Pointer Newspaper published 2nd August 19, 2020 Mr. Lucky Obuwaye stated that the stepdown was not stolen but initially sent for repair before the Irri community executives resolved to sell it towards the maintenance of other faulty transformers and general development of the community.
Mr. Obuwaye also maintained in that said publication that the faulty step down sent for repairs was sold due to costs of maintenance, noting that the choice of channeling the proceeds towards the repairs of other faulty transformers within the community became necessary.
Mr. Obuwaye also alleged that, the stepdown was given to Irri community by AGIP as part of the MOU and not BEDC property as alleged.




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