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Akpan market traders debunk extortion allegation

Governor Udom Emmanuel

By Christopher Tom, Uyo

Traders operating business in Akpan Andem Market has debunked allegations levelled against the Market President Mr Uduak Silas that the entire allegations is a mere academic exercise and cheap blackmail to tarnish his image as a person published by a local newspaper in the State.

Some of the traders who spoke with journalist over the allegation said never a time the market president dupe them or using the governor’s name in such development, they said traders are still paying their normal levies and never any day the president told them to pay N1,000 or N2,000 as a levy to return to sell in the market during the lockdown while they are trying to use the government to fabricate lies against the president.

They further cleared the air that those who wrote such publication are looking for money as the president may have disagreed deliberation with them went ahead and cook a lie that the president used cult boys and touts to intimidate innocent traders are all monumental cooked and matured lies that have know weights while the market management are doing tremendous job in transforming the market with numerous project, protecting the traders’ business in the market. Eventually the traders have advised the president to ignore such publications which has no foundation and nothing to write home about. While go back to his normal work.

The Chairman of Akpan Andem Market, Mr Nse-abasi Ndon said the allegation is baseless without foundation and made them to understand there was no symptom of investigating journalism over the said publication and wonder why if they are even trained as journalist to cross check their facts before going to the press was unfortunate towards the development as he have respect for the profession.

He said towards the development they don’t need to join issues over the matter that they see it as a blackmail while they are working tirelessly to revamp the market. “We are careful in all our dealing and make sure follow due process according to market principles without diverting to something else”.

The Chairman said they have tried all possible best to educate the traders how to communicate with their customers to avoid problem as we always have meeting with them and make them to understand they came to do business not to cause problem.

The market president, Mr Uduak Silas said “He never knew that journalists has already interviewed the traders to fish out the truth of the entire matter that whatever they have said should be carried as an evidence towards the matter but for him, the entire allegation is just to blackmail him and the entire market management while the matter has already answered for himself. He commended journalists for their investigation over the issue and do justice in it.




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