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Akpabio’s Viral Audio: A shocked Presidency sets up six-man investigative team

Chief of Army Staff, Tukur Buratai


*As Nigerian Military commences Investigation of acts of Sabotage by Akpabio

*Just as Daily watch plans more revelations on the man with a double- Face called Godswill Akpabio.

By Steve Seigha &  Mohammed Ahmadu, Abuja

A shocked Presidency is said to have set up a six man committee to look into the recently exposed audio which came out yesterday in which Daily Watch Editor and his team exposed how the Minister of the Niger Delta paid out a whooping 100 Million Naira through Abu, the Chairman of RODNAB Construction to some militants to bomb Agip Oil lines in February.

Daily watch gathered from a to military officer from the Nigeria Intelligence Agency ( NIA) who preferred not to be mentioned in the Presidential Villa confirmed that the appearance of the Audio and its revelations and bargain  as to what to pay out through the NDDC to help in the bombing of Oil Pipeline  in Bayelsa seemed to have shocked and titillated feathers in the Presidency even amongst notable supporters and bakers of the former Akwa Ibom Governor such that several meets were held between yesterday (Tuesday ) and today ( Wednesday) on the question of Akpabio and his sponsorship of Militants using monies from the inflated NDDC Secretariat fund which was inflated  from 4 Billion Naira to 16 Billion Naira without going through the laid out constitutional process and which he paid  in full to Rodnab Construction  which has been among the several battle  Akpabio and the IMC team have been batting to conceal and Obliterate since Daily Watch exposed him and which has led to the Massive man hunt for the Publisher of Daily Watch Mr. Cletus Opukeme by Rogue cops and paid assassins all over the Niger Delta for days running now.

Daily Watch captured audio:

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the Six-Man investigative team is made up of three officers from the NIA and three from the DSS with a mandate to confirm the veracity of not just the payment to the Ex-Militants but the authenticity of the viral Audio.


Daily Watch Sources in the Nigerian military late yesterday also confirmed that the Military authority is also interested in the expose of Akpabio and has also commenced investigation by setting p and investigative panel made up of Seven officers headed by a top ranking Sandhaust trained military Officer on Military Surveillance and tactical communications from the Western part of Nigeria with a solid mandate to submit reports on Akpabio’s culpability or otherwise on the issue of grave sabotage and treason within three Weeks.

Mr.Abu Meepatan, CEO Rodnap, Akpabio’s hence man and partner in crime
Senator Akpabio’s used in many shady transaction

Daily watch findings confirmed that the embattled Janus-faced Akpabio is presently said to be panicky over the massive expose against him and was said to have complained bitterly about the focus on the Niger Delta Ministry when other Ministry like that of Humanitarian where he claimed looting of the   Ministry is now a way of life by the Minister and her cohorts in crime.

Daily Watch team is seriously working on hitting Nigerians with much more serious  expose with documentary proof on Janus faced  Akpabio for daring to send men after the publisher with the simple intent of snuffing life out of the publisher over his little expose on the several loots in the NDDC.

Daily watch here in Abuja strenuously tried reaching out to the CPS to Akpabio   through news men in the FCT on his take over the viral video in which the Minister was heard openly giving directives for the bombing of the Agip pipeline which occurred February and his Akpabio’s agreement to pay some millions as fee for the job but the very once vocal CPS remained mute over the expose when cornered by some few Press boys here in Abuja.

Just as  serial attempts to get the Military top hierarchy to speak on its setting up of a six man investigative team to investigate the culpability or otherwise of Akpabio was not possible as everyone involved keeps sealed lips on the Akpabio’s satanic act.

The Payments which was made in three trenches, saw RODNAP paying a total of 100 Million Naira to the Militants to execute the Job, the same sets of Militants that have become paid Killers for Akpabio and his nest of looters in Abuja here.

Daily Watch findings  with Audio proof Confirmed that Akpabio’s  RODNAP Company (same Company involved in the shocking jacking up of an almost completed  NDDC Secretariat building from 4 billion to 16 billion Naira) paid a whooping hundred Million Naira on February 10th 2020 to the Militants via three transfers using accounts number  114xx34 with creditor been RODNAP and  the said three payments have accounts reference numbers  914556874 in the first payment, with reference number 9144556883 in  the 2nd and the third having  reference number 914455974 all through a payment spot known as Easy way with code * 66# with dates of payment as 2nd of February 2020 at time  of 4 .10 pm in the first transfer, and balance in the recipient account as 52,,054,06274  with the 2nd posted at the same 410 pm with recipient account balance standing at 31,000,00,00 and the third at 41pm with account balance standing at 31,000,000,00 and all from Easy way with the same *66 #

Daily Watch certainly would keep its readers up dated  as soon as events unfolds.




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