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Akpabio in deep mess, panics over Dr.Joy’s threat to open real can of worms in NDDC

Dr. Joy Nunieh, sacked NDDC acting MD and Godswill Akpabio

* Plots to deny a recorded interview

By Steve Seigha, Abuja

The exposition of alleged massive looting in Niger Delta Development Commission, (NDDC) by senator Godswill Akpabio, Minister Niger Delta Affairs and members of his Interim Management Committee which had gone viral has caught the attention of the Presidency, the National Assembly as well as the nation’s anti-graft agency prompting a probe in the agency.


Senator Godswill Akpabio at the Daily Watch preliminary investigation that uncovered massive looting in NDDC.

Senator Godswill Akpabio at the preliminary  stage of Daily Watch investigations on 6th, Monday April, 2020, time 5:27pm  (Nigetian time) in 965KB storage. which the senator  categorically made the first shot  justifying his action with Daily Watch   why he sacked immediate past acting managing director of NDDC Dr. Gbene Joy Nunieh on basis of sharp practices which caught  his anger by showing the acting M/D the  way out as part of his resolve to sanitize the NDDC with his much publicized and fake forensic audit to hookwink Mr. President and the entire Nigerians.

Senator Akapbio spoke with Daily Watch Publisher/ Editor, Mr. Cletus Opukeme , a United Kingdom trained investigative journalist in a very long phone chat auto-record for easy transcription and retrieval.

As part of Daily Watch quest of news balancing, we traced for the personal phone of the sacked NDDC acting managing director Dr. Gbene Joy Nunieh to enable her defend herself which she did on Thursday, 14th June, 2020. The auto-recorded phone interview in what Daily Watch described as a reprisal verbal missile at Akpabio gave a damning account of why Senator Godswill sacked her.

The soft spoken aggrieved woman revelation had sent fear and shivers down Senator Akpabio’s spine, which insiders account noted almost sent Akpabio to hospital bed as the woman’s counter shot messed him up.

She said Akpabio is a pathological liar and a common thief who wanted to compel her to swear to an oath of secrecy and loyalty among other unprintable things in order to put her into a spiritual cage to have access to loot the common wealth of the people of Niger Delta.

She further said that another reason why she was sacked was her refusal to support and fund Senator Godwill Akpabio’s planned 2023 Presidential to ambition with the resources of the Commission.

Dr. Joy who is a legal practitioner gave another reason as her blunt refusal to make approval and payment for Akpabio’s kinsmen, Akwa Ibom NDDC contractors even without completion and verification of the project, these she alleged were some of the major reasons she was kicked out from NDDC to allow one of the most richest Senators in the world who was also a two-times executive governor of oil rich Akwa Ibom state to replace her with a puppet who would dance to his dictates in NDDC.

Dr. Joy’s further threat to expose Can of worms in NDDC in a press conference sent fear and panic to Senator Akpabio as the damning financial deals in the commission had gingered him to denied his interview with Daily Watch and refusal to answer questions on why the former NDDC acting managing director was sacked.

Akpabio’s Chief Press Secretary Mr. Ani Ekong in his WhatsApp account had the following conversion with Daily Watch:

Akpabio CPS ”When did the Minister grant this interview that I’m not aware of?”

Daily Watch ”During our first encounter long interview. where I asked why Dr. Joy was sacked as MD of NDDC. I have my records”

Akpabio CPS ”Be prepared to bring the record.”

Daily Watch ”What do you think made him to forward her NYSC letter and legal practice letter for me? Are you speaking on your capacity or on Senator’s directive bcos I want to write the news…. ”Akpabio panics over sacked NDDC Ag. MD threat to open can of worms” …. Pls waiting for your urgent reply”

However, Akpabio’s CPS was never seen in the WhatsApp conversation when Daily Watch threatened to expose the subtle plot to deny his master’s recorded interview.

As we made every preparation to go to press today, we called the phone number of Akpabio’s Chief Press Secretary to get clarification on his earlier position of plot to deny his master’s interview with Daily Watch, unfortunately, he went away without answering our calls in three consecutive dialling .

As matters of Daily Watch media integrity, if even recorded interview gets crashed or losses the storage with Senator Akpabio, the service provider recorded the phone conversation for easy retrieval at any time the senator wishes to do so.

There is every indication that the Senator in the face of a monumental fraud actually regretted his first shot by accusing and criminalizing an innocent woman who was unjustly sacked from a plump top job as a result of his desperation and inordinate ambition.

His regret mostly is that his vituperation had snapped and woken the quietly spoken  tigress, transparent and Ogoni activism in the woman to come up with damning facts of the real reason why she was sacked as exactly the opposite of his rehearsed pathological lies. Been bandied and presented by Apabio and his CPS.




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