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Aisha Yusufu raises poser for Buhari on corruption

President Muhammadu Buhari



KANO- One of the most ardent female social   crusaders from the Northern Part of the Country and a leader of the Bring Back Our Girls (BBOG) fame Aisha Yusufu has come out in all cylinders to raise some very acidic posers for President Mohammadu Buhari.

Aisha Yusufu who threads in areas where angels dread to raises the alarm just in a period when the disenchantment with the Government style of fighting the so called anti-corruption war has become suspect with many describing the who anti-corruption  war as mere slogan, fury without action and one meant for just the opposition members only while shielding those in APC and close to the President.

Aisha who Faulted the Appointment of Rufai ABubakar a serial failure as the Director General of the NIIA and likened it to another brand of corruption called on the President to quickly do the needful on the issue of Nepotism that has characterized his administration.

The BBOG Convener also condemned the President for dinning with rogues and thieves  from the APC days ago in the villa while pretending to be a Corruption fighter.

In her Words ‘’Some would say Mohammadu Buhari is not Corrupt, Corruption is appointing NIIA Dg, a man who failed serially his Promotion examination’’.

The BBOG fighter also listed several other poser for Buhari to prove and confirm that the anti corruption fight of the government and the Mr. White alias of the President are mere smoke screen.

According to her corruption include among the Followings;

*Nepotism in hiring, appointment and award of contracts.

*Aiding and abetting those accused of corruption.

*dining with people facing corruption charges at Private Dinner.

*Corruption is taking a share from those who stole, refusing to  prosecute one found stealing and having him around.

*Appointing one who failed promotion examination to head the agency, hiring illegally through the back door.

*Corruption is also Trucks of food to IDP’S stolen and nothing done about it>

*Finding over 40 million Dollars in an apartment belonging to head of an agency and that he secured by security agencies.

*Finding huge cash in an airport and nothing heard a fort

*Not knowing how much has been recovered by whom and from whom.



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