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Aggrieved soldiers write President  Buhari from Sambisa forest, expose the rot in the Nigerian military

Chief of Army Staff, Tukur Buratai

Nigerian soldiers fighting Boko Haram at Sambisa forest in the North East have sent a heavily worded letter to President Muhammadu Buhari and the national assembly to come to their aide to recover their various allowances that are pending in sundry peace keeping operations both within the country and outside, especially the United Nation peace keeping operations of the Ebola era in Liberia.

Soldiers who boldly came out to cry on behalf of their colleagues in a statement signed by the following senior officers (not real names) Col. Rabiu Ababarka. Lt. Col. David Chennedu, Capt. Barth Osiogu, Capt. Ahmed Jubril, Capt. Nwangwue Romanius and Col. Bala Suileman sent to Daily Watch on Thursday  said, ‘‘With honour and respect, we the soldiers/troops  from the Sambisa forest  in the North East are writing this letter to our father his Excellency the president federal republic of Nigeria and the honourable house of Senate and Reps. That they should please help us intervene in the issue of our money. It is well known that
the last set of troops that drop the UNITED NATION(UN) flag are been paid a
particular amount of money which is $3000 USD per soldier popularly known
as hand shaking allowance for a weldone job. But as we are writing this
letter we have not seen even one dollar’’ they said.

Read part of the unedited letter bellow: ”We are calling on Mr president and the house members to please call the then force commander Gen SA Uba on board. to please give account of our money. Same thing with NIBATT 34 AND 35 their Ebola allowance is still hanging some where. We are aware that during the Ebola epidemic is not only the Nigerian army that are participating in the peacekeeping operation other contingence were also there.

‘‘The Nigerian police that were in Liberia too during that period and were also paid the Ebola allowance.to further prove our point confirmation can be made from the Nigerian police that were there from 2013 to 2015 during the Ebola period in Liberia that serves as UNPOL(UNITED NATION POLICE) please His
Excellency and the honourable house members help us. we have all work for
this money and it is our entitlement we the soldiers of NIBATT 34,35 AND 37
we have work for it.let him release those money we are calling on all legal
bodies to help us out we thank God that the present UN deputy Secretary
General she is from Nigeria so confirmation for all those documents can be
made from her. Thank you and God bless you his Excellency and all
honourable members and Senate. God bless Nigeria

MR PRESIDENT Nigerian troops have once again written a letter of reminder to Mr President.for the claiming that the Nigerian army is owing it’s men over $17,400,000 million. The document also says that the United nations might be involved with the army Generals to help and divert these funds meant for the well-keeping of the soldiers.it is on record and verifiable that over
1500 troops who participated in Liberia peace support operations in between
2013 to 2015 are still been(owed) 9 months of Ebola allowance amounting to
$11600 for each soldier.the petition read:we are soldiers of Nibatt 34 and
35 who were deployed from December 2013 to July 2015 and March 2014 to July
2015 respectively,on the peacekeeping mission in Liberia(UNMIL).We serve
during the outbreak of Ebola epidemic disease.in which the United nations
approved the payment of premium risk allowance(Ebola risk allowance)to all
contingenc that participated at that period.the money approved by the UN
was 1333.3 USD each month for each soldier. For the period of 9 months,that
brings to a total of 12,000 USD per soldier for the total of 1500
personnel.other contingence paid their personnel immediately the money was
approved.the then force commander Gen SA Uba was in charge of our money,
refused to pay us ours.but only gave each soldier 400 USD in July 2015 by
hand before the rotation commence,and promise to pay the remaining main
money to our account,which he didn’t.until 13 of March 2017 after so many
write up and petition, he decided to credit our account with only 389 USD
instead of 11600 USD.he also promised that the money will be paid on 28
March 2017.but we have not seen anything till date.Also the Nibatt 34 spend
19 months in the mission but were paid 18 months.the remain one month is
still missing.We could still remember when the former force commander Gen
Leonard from kenya addressed us in Liberia when on tour and his farewell
visit to all continence when he was called to his country for the
appointment of the COAS also told us about this money and even when Gen SA
Uba took over he also address all troops during his tour.” the letter stated.






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