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AGF Malami is a pathological and shameless liar, says Femi Falana



LAGOS-The Attorney General of Nigeria Malami seem to be receiving several
bashing in the days past not just for the many lies he treated
Nigerians to on the heroic feats of a thief but also for the way he
brought back a thief to the Civil Service though the back door.


In better and more civilized clime the Attorney General of Nigeria
would have either been sacked or resigned out of shame for lying from
both sides of his mouth without an iota of shame.

But Nigeria been the clime were everything goes the man still seats
and remain the Attorney General of the Country despite his numerous
lies and support for corruption and untoward conduct unbefitting of a
man of that office.

This seem to be the exact ideas Nigerian Human Right Lawyer and one
of Nigeria Finest activities Femi Falana was alluding to days ago when
he lampooned the Nigeria Attorney General for blatantly and knowingly
lying and accusing him of buying properties seized by Maina the
popular pension thief .

Femi Falana who berated the Attorney General for destroying the
respect of the office of AGF by his many repugnant conducts and
numerous lies he had dished and still dishing out over his
disgraceful conduct of bringing in a reputable and wanted thief
secretly into the Country and against all known laws discreetly
reinstating same into the Civil Service from whence he was sacked for
stealing , looting and declared Wanted.

The human right Lawyer who minced no word in challenging the AGF to
name the date, time and place where the EFCC sold any property to
him from those he claimed the pension thief handed over to the EFCC
when even the EFCC has come out openly to say that Maina never ever
handed any property contrary to the many lies of the AGF to the

Falana lambasted the AGF who is a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) for
saying he sought for counsel from the DSS boss to bring Maina a wanted
thief back to office .

In the Words of the Legal Luminary “The AGF Malami seem to be a
pathological liar or doesn’t know the power of the office he seats on
or how else does one explain his going all out to lie about a
purported list of recovered Pension Properties said to have been
recovered by Maina from which he claimed I Falana Bought when in the
first place there was never a single Property seized or handed over by
the said Pension thief Maina to the EFCC? All these points to the fact
that the AGF is not just a pathological liar but a complete disgrace
to the office he seats , from all his presentation he gave at the
House of Representative were he openly claimed he got counsel from the
DSS boss to go meet Maina and get him reinstated in to the Civil
service an act unbefitting of a SAN’’,

It would be recalled that prior to the uproar over the reinstatement
of Abdurasheed Maina in a disgraceful ,controversial and seriously
flawed way the AGF who is greatly involved had come out in the Open
to regaled Nigerians with stories that the Pension thief is more of
an hero and saint than a thief as he claimed the thief saved so much
for Nigeria and even seized several Multi Billion Properties from
which the EFCC sold to a Lagos Lawyer who everyone knew was Falana
and a Nigerian President as partakers of the buying of the seized
properties only for the AGF to go mute on his several gallant stories
he lied to the world about the giant exploit of Maina but rather
falter and even disgraced himself more in the House of Representative
by claiming as a an Attorney General that he took counsel from the DSS
and the EFCC also coming out to expose the AGF lies about some so
called purported properties gallantly seized by Maina and sold to

Some lawyers spoken to on the many lies of the AGF were also like
Falana harsh on the AGF who there see as lacking moral standing to
even remain as the Country AGF according to Barrister Tietie Leonard
‘’The AGF by his game in the Maina episode and his open lies to
Nigerians has shown that he is totally unfit for the enormous office f
the AGF of Nigeria and I wonder why the Presidency still keeps him on
seat except the lies are part of the style of the APC led Government
if not in better clime the man would have been sent packing long ago
if he doesn’t have the decency to resign for his make reckless act
unbecoming of an AGF’’.

To Barrister Ihidiora Peters ‘’The reason why a man like Malami still
answers the name of Nigeria AGF is simply because the Presidency is
hand in glove in all his deceit, lies and antics in the issue of Maina
as such cannot see anything wrong in the many opprobrium the Maina
gate and the AGF lies has cost the Country within and outside the

All attempts to reach out to the AGF and his media crew was rebuffed
by them despite series of messages to them asking for the response on
the statement by EFCC to the effect that Maina handed no properties as
claimed by the AGF and the challenge of Femi Falana to the AGF to
show the Properties handed over by Maina to the EFCC from which he
claimed he bought one.


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