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Again,Obasanjo in marathon meeting over 2019 presidency; pushes for Kwakwanso/Duke Presidency






LAGOS-The ploy by ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo to  ease out Mohammadu Buhari as President of Nigeria and foist on Nigerians the Candidate of Kwakwoso Rabiu seem to be gaining high class momentum if the series of meet, negotiation and consultation across the Country is anything to judge.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that in the past three weeks across Lagos to Abuja and back to the Hill top Mansion of Obasanjo in Ota are series of meets, consultations and negotiations on how and mechanism of bringing Buhari and his APC propaganda team and Party down come 2019.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that Obasanjo foot soldiers in the ploy led by former Governor of Osun State Chief Oyinlola are moving frantically and winning people from diverse walks of life to the third force agenda but what they are not telling these new converts to the Third force agenda is their prepared and worked out candidates for the President and Vice President which remains Senator Rabiu Kwakwonso and Donald Duke,the ex-Governor of Cross River State.

Daily Watch investigations also confirme that the Obasanjo team seem to be winning more Nigerians of repute to its fold with the promise of getting these trusted and extremely great Nigerians to move for the Senate so as to bring about perfect governance.

In this sense is the luring of Ezekwezili of the Bring Back our Girls fame into politics and making her one of the next Senators, same for men like  legal Luminary Agbakoba and several other notable and unblemished Nigerians to move to the Senate Via the third Force arrangement and Party ticket which for now remains not known but what is clear is a thick and powerful force is been molded by Olusegun Obasanjo at the moment but with a pre determined destination of Kwakwonso and Donald Duke as the end result for President and Vice President respectively.

Last Week a meeting with Representative of over 28 political Parties, eminent Nigerians and hard breed of the corporate world was held in Lagos to  rainstorm on the same agenda of a force huge enough to topple the sail of Buhari and his ardent sycophants and  hangers on for a delve into the 2019 race after which substantial inroad was said to have been made as in winning of more converts and political parties to the third Force fold and agenda.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that Several Parties have already consented to merging or pulling force together in the pursuit of the Operation send Buhari out via the use of a separate platform from the  PDP and the APC which Obasanjo has already torn apart as two parties of the same evil virus notwithstanding the fact that he was instrumental to the coming of both Parties into Power and the destruction of both.

Attempts by Daily Watch to reach out to ex-Governor Donald Duke was not Possible but Legal Luminary and outspoken  Agbakoba confirmed the meet in Lagos and his agreement with Obasanjo on getting Nigeria to work again with the best team.


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