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Admission scam:  Parents weep as principals in wild admission exploitation in Delta public schools

Chief Patrick Ukah
  • Some Principals collect between N20,000 to N50,000 as admission levy in JSS 1

*Govt will deal with erring principals- CPS

By  Lucky Ojigbo, Managing Editor, who visited Warri at the weekend from Abuja

A massive groaning of teeth, sadness and cry seemed to be enveloping Delta state metropolises particularly Warri, Ughelli, Sapele etc  following the massive exploitation going on in the new Term in the state as several new intakes into the JSS Three from Primary school may not be able to gain access to the State Secondary school due to the very shocking and monumental sums been demanded by several school principals in the State in what seemed like a planned decision by the whole principals in the state or a directives from the state government.


Daily watch investigations confirmed that it is very shocking and horrible that while the state government pride itself as not collecting fees several principals in Warri, the Suburbs and other parts of the state are asking themselves huge sums by collecting between twenty seven to forty five thousand Naira before they would get the wards of  children of  Delta state indigenes admitted into JSS one prompting many to ask if the state government has finally fixed fees in the schools or for admission purposes.

Daily Watch Visit to the popular Don Numa College in the Iyara axis of  Warri was a shocking discovery as parents were seen crying and weeping on been told categorically by the school principal that nobody would be admitted excepts he parts with the sum of  N27,000 ( twenty seven thousand Naira) for the admission.

The same scenario was witnessed by Daily Watch when a visit was paid to the popular  Hussy College Warri where some Parents are made to buy everything under the sun from detol to money for medicals, Uniforms suits all to be provided by a particular tailor affiliated to the Principal alone at a very shocking cost  failure which the admission become elusive.

Presently some Parents have spent close to forty thousand to get the Hussy college admission apart from specific payments as bribes.

Daily watch visits to several schools in the Warri metropolis also showed the same pattern of  massive exploitation in the admission process going on in the state with the principals not caring  t listen to any plea or excuse as no one gets into the Principals office without the full cash.

Daily Watch discreetly while pretending to be a concerned parents met with the Principal of  Don Numa on the very astronomical cost of getting the admission and he boastfully asked yours truly to try other schools if  he cannot pay the fixed 27 thousand five hundred that his school is collecting for admission into Don Numa College at Iyara, Warri.

Except for some good Principals like one Mrs. Roli Enubele who heads the Aladja Grammar School in Udu Local Government Area of Delta state who collects a paltry N1,250  (One thousand two hundred )naira for admission and another thousands for PTI several schools have turned the admission process to a business and bazaar like game not caring the state of the economy and the financial muscles of the many whose children flocks to the government schools.

Daily Watch tried reaching out to the State Ministry of Education to confirm if it is the Delta state government policy for principals to collect random sums ranging from 20 thousand to thirty thousand for admission to government schools and fifty and above to Delta government Model schools all over the state was not successful

Daily Watch also reached out to the  CPS to governor Okowa  Efejika Olisa on Phone today Monday by 8.45 am and he expressed absolute shock that such acts is going on in the state when it is a well known facts that the state government practices a total free Education package and described such collection as not only illegal and  deceitful but called om Deltans to report such Principals and schools to the commissioner for higher Education,

Daily Watch is still on the investigations and putting many of the Principals in the Nefarious acts on tape so as to furnish the state Commissioner for higher Education. on phone.





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