Abuja 2018: I won my Kunfu two fights, but Abuja robed my gold- Marine boxer

Dangerous marine boxer, just decorated with silver medal in plus 80kg fight in the ongoing Abuja sports fiesta He. sees world champion ahead in kunfu

‘‘Because they knew my opponent will not be able to stand the third round with me again. They just ended the fight ’’

By Cletus Opukeme


Edo state representative Akugbene Seripere who is popularly called ”Marine boxer” that won silver has decried that the judges robbed him of his gold medal as he won his two fights in 80kg Kunfu tournament in the on-going Abuja 2018 sports fiesta.

Marine boxer, 22 who won silver medal told Daily Watch through electronic interview, said Tuesday ‘‘But we just round up everything yesterday (Monday). So we ‘re in hostel now.

Mr. Akugbene Seripere aka Marine boxer on red and other fighters in the on going Abuja 2018 Sports Fiesta.

‘‘My name is Akugbene Seripere. But my stage name is  ‘‘Marine boxer’. I represent Edo state. And I fight Kung Fu. Actually it’s my first National sports festival.

‘‘ I fight plus 80 kg. And I enjoyed the fights so much. I fight only two fight. I won the first fight. And go for the final. I even won the final fight but Abuja been the host of the competition robed my fight and gave it to their fighter.

‘‘I really felt very bad. My coach has promised me that he will make sure I get employed for Edo state because I won gold not silver. Because they robed from me. It is too clear.

‘‘To buttress the point. It broke me down to an extent that I am thinking, If I  should continue with kung fu fight or not. I am proud of my country and I want my country to be proud of me. That is why I want to set a world champion record. Because they know. The boy will not be able to stand the third round with me again. They just ende the fight

 ‘‘I have chosen Kunfu sports has my career and no more going back. It is a promise I have made to my country that I will be a world champion. This gift of sports God has given me. It will be a sin to waste it or abandon it. So nothing will stop me from competing.

‘’Because when I close my eyes. All I can see is gold and silver. And I thank my Coach. Coach Omeh Paul for impacting the fighting skills in me. And I also thank Edo state coach and the athletes for the encouragement they gave to me during the fight.


‘’My advice to my fellow athletes in Nigeria. Don’t let any dummy to make u give up ur dream. If they robe your fight no prob. It’s simply means you are good go. And let me tell you. Don’t fear when you wanna fight. Just make up your mind that only two things is evolve either you win or u loss. And know that winning is not all about your skill it’s about the courage that is living inside you.’’ He said




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