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MOTTO: We tell both sides of the  story 

Daily Watch  is an international digital news media organization with a team of crack investigative journalists, published by

SODEPCO GLOBAL MULTI-SERVICES LIMITED, a registered firm in Nigeria with the corporate affairs commission (CAC),  Abuja with registration number RC: 1205046 and TIN: 17858749-0001.


It is masses driven and committed to ensuring that the interest of the masses is protected at all times. A vision to promote global democracy, peace, unity and security and  advance the socio-economic well-being and rights of the people, promote and enrich an African cultural heritage.

We want to ensure free press with a knack into investigative journalism  that will promote robust advocacy for the best media practices, good governance, transparency and human rights with the right values in a modern society. In investigative journalism, media integrity and credulity of news are golden rules.

We believe that we can contribute our quota for an ideal society, by pursuing political and social agenda in support of a better society that helps to build visions and hope for the youths for a better future. To achieve this, we sincerely appeal to our esteem readers,both local and foreign institutions to give us the necessary support to carry out our organizational set goals.

Daily Watch founded in 14th August 2017, believes that the time has come to set agenda for in-depth investigative journalism in Africa to join the rest of the world in the fight against corruption/terrorism with classified information obtained and be treated with absolute utmost confidentiality in line with our news sources protection/privacy policy. In Africa, particularly Nigeria, we must be very blunt in reporting the total leadership failure without fear or favour which takes the black continent backward retrogressively in development in all facets of human endeavours.

To our esteemed readers, Daily Watch is not the usual news media organizations that you know that hurriedly go to the press to meet deadline without thorough details, that end up retracting published news stories and rendering of coerced apology by court.

We are patient, calculative like the eagle to watch carefully to avoid the usual editors’ mistakes/errors. We will find stories where there are none to the eyes of the ordinary reporters.

We will stand by our published stories at anywhere or anytime as fairness and accuracy are our watch-words. All our news sources in the course of our investigation have equal rights, respect and fair-hearing as part of our modus-operandi with no vested interest on any party. We tell the story from both sides.

OUR VISION;  To be a veritable investigative media organization where both the government and the society will be daily watched by reporting the news accurately behind the news without fear or favour.

 OUR MISSION;  To impact positively on our society by providing high quality, reliable and accurate information to our readers/clients for result- oriented  media products for building peace & unity, knowledge, political stability and economic prosperity.

Warning! Apart from general news, do not bother to send us any story without verifiable sources and back-up documents as our refusal to publish them may offend you. Investigative journalism is all about facts.

Read more at: http://www.dailywatchng.org/aboutus/

EDITORIAL BOARD                                                                

  1. Opukeme Cletus      Publisher/Editor-in-Chief cleopuks1@gmail.com 
  2. Deputy Editor
  3. Lucky Ojigbo   Managing Editor luckyojigb@gmail.com 
  4.  Mazino Dickson    Chairman Editorial Board -08028898408 zinozuid@yahoo.com
  5. Custom Bulouwei  Executive Editor
  6. Henry Ovie      News Editor 09058168531  henryebireri@gmail.com
  7. Ayodele Oni      Deputy news Editor 08033512982   ayodelen@gmail.com
  8. Oise-Oghaede Raymond     Features Editor 0802311867,08049405562 raymondoise@yahoo.com
  9. Idris Yusuf Kaduna    Political Editor 08064372975
  10. Innocent Onoja     Deputy political Editor/Foreign desk  +14706298310
  11. Clarkson Ogo  08026797191 clarksonogo@gmail.com    Sports Editor
  12. Saheed Ibrahim       Deputy Sports Editor 0803750495 ibrahimbidemi88@gmail.com




  1. Amgbare Ekaunkumor, (Senior Correspondent) Yenagoa 08135044853, 08117171884 kumoamgbare@gmail.com
  2. Victor IdighomorYenagoa (Senior Correspondent) Yenagoa 07034473587 edighomorvictor@gmail.com
  3. Isaac Olamikan   (Senior Correspondent) Benin  08062066244
  4. Oladele Emmanuel (Reporter) Lagos 08034497702  oladele_dada@yahoo.com
  5. Olajide Afeez (Reporter) Osun 081038727257 olajideafeez61@yahoo.com
  6. Isaac Olakunle Port Harcourt (Reporter) 07033422046 isaacolakunle94@gmail.com
  7. Aliyu Garba   (Senior Correspondent) Zaria 08035676059,08085613494 galiyu240@gmail.com
  8. Emede  Ufuoma  Reporter 07069362583 Abuja  lammofp@gmail.com
  9. Akomolafe Olumide (Senior Correspondent) 07065957373 Ekiti olumide087@gmail.com
  10. Chukwudi Ejiomofor (Senior Correspondent) 0803382490    Port Harcourt  agbomma2014@gmail.comoluwaseunajayi93@yahoo.com
    11.Afolabi       0807113664,08164997351 imrandhulifli@gmail.com


12. Oluseyi Dasilva ILORIN (Senior Correspondent) 08038472758,08022433068,0809101073

13.Christopher Okon (Senior Correspondent) Uyo 08039202220

14.Godwin Oriafoh (Senior Correspondent) Benin 08075886939

15. Dennis Udoma  (Senior Correspondent) Uyo 08133176212


1. Barr. Omo Irabo Caseley

2. Barr. Ikimi Oghenejabor

3. Barr. Eric Omare

Read more at: http://www.dailywatchng.org/aboutus/