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How 40yrs Old Man went to the Police Cell who Killed His Wife after reading her phone Love Messages



YENAGOA- Mr Stephen Ogho-Oghene  Akpata  who lives in Kpansia, Yenagoa, never knew he would kill his beautiful wife with his hand one day and went to police cell.


But the devil pushed him to read his wife’s cell phone and he could not believe what he saw and immediately the beast in him appeared.

Angered by the love messages exchanged between his wife and her lover, he called his wife, Oyinye Faustian Eze, and asked the reason behind the loves text messages in her cell phone.

Hot augment ensued between them which led to fighting; one wondered how Mr. Akpata concluded to end the life of his beautiful wife on alleged infidelity? He got a knife and stabbed her to dead in his house and attempted to run.

Mr. Akpata

But luck went out of him; neighbours alerted the police and got him apprehended immediately.

He told the Police ‘‘I saw love text message in my wife’s cell phone and I asked her why she must have extra-marital affairs in my house?’’ He said in the ensuing argument, ‘‘I got a knife and stabbed her and she bled to dead. He said it was the devils handwork’’ He confessed.

The suspect is at the Ekeki Police station and the homicide department is filing murder case against him to face trial in court of law soon.

The Divisional Police Officer at Ekeki Police station refused to comment when our reporter asked to know further. But it is glaring that the police will charge the suspect soon. The question this reporter asking, what could make a man to open his wife cell phone to read her conversations?


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