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4 Ajamimogha Overage Parliament League Week 6: Parliament 9 picks 1st point after six games


By Clarkson Ogo.

Deputy Chair of Iwere FC, Emma Nunu led Cele Parliament could not fight to finish as Tony Akoma Big Warri Parliament narrowly secure the maximum point with a lone goal, while Ugbori defeated Great Parliament 1-0.

Parliament 9 settle goalless draw with Ogbodu Parliament, meaning they have not been able to win a single match after six games in the ongoing Ajamimogha Overage Parliament League leaving the bottom of the table standing with one point.


Ekpen is still topping the table with 13 points followed by Big Warri and Chevron who are tied with 10 points in 2nd and 3rd position respectively.

This week Saturday will be all action pack with the strongest facing one another.

League leaders Ekpen will be taking 5th placed Cele by 7am, while 3rd position Chevron will do battle against 7th in the ladder Ogbodu.

Hard fighting 2nd placed spot, Big Warri will ambush Ugbori who are 4th by 2:30pm and 6th placed Kudi parliament will confront wounded Great Parliament who are occupying the second to last spots in the league that is made up of nine teams.

The Ajamimogha Parliament football league is for a player between the ages of 40years and above.



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