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360billion excess crude: the grand trade-off and conspiracies, Fayose goes to court



*No question /prosecution on looted Paris refund.

* 20 billion dropped for palm greasing to N/A member.


* Ekiti state plus 16 LGA in Ekiti head to court


ABUJA- A grand trade-off between the President and governors on one hand and
between the Presidency and N/A on the other hand is all on ground for
a free sailing of the 360 billion naira from the excess crude.

Daily Watch investigations  confirmed that after getting approval to
borrow several billions from Abroad from the National Assembly late
November  the Federal Government  with some huge palm greasing
allowances  returned to the same national Assembly for confirmation
for  another chunk of funds from the Excess crude account but which
has been shifted for debate early January by the Senate President as
tension envelopes the House over the money.

This time rather than loan, the Buhari led Government is planning to
get a total sum of One Billion Dollars (360Billion Naira) to finally
wipe out a defeated Boko Harm, a Boko Haram the same Government
claimed it has not just technically defeated but finished few Weeks

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the 360 billion  wanted by
the President would quickly  sail through the National Assembly
without hindrance   when the quest is looked into by the National
assembly come January contrary to the belief and thinking of many
Nigerians following the High  power financial lobbing that has been on
ground   few days to Christmas and assurances the members of the National
Assembly have gotten by way of   their reward even before the January
date for the National Assembly  debate.

Daily Watch can confirm that several National Assembly members have
gotten several  Millions paid to them in the past  few days   before
Christmas and some getting theirs after Christmas  in this Anti Corruption era
to ease all opposition and shut the mouth of everyone to ask questions
in the NA as regards  the 360 billion largess for the  final
crushing of the technically  and  defeated Boko Haram.

Daily Watch  Team confirms that  of  the360 billion  Federal
Government is to collect from the Excess Crude Account  close to
ten-twenty  billion  has already been  marked out and been shared
already   as lobby of the members of the National Assembly to sway
them to the President 360 billion game plan as confirmed, exposed and
confided in Daily Watch by some National Assembly members  who has not
just gotten theirs   as the Presidency approach and lobby   for their
settlement  few days ago to help ease  the Presidency  getting its way
without any noise or rancor from the NA.

The ‘Lobby packages’ the Presidency  is dishing out against January
debate    runs into several Millions for the members of the National
Assembly and   is said not to be uniform in distribution as it is
shared according to the  discipline   and the persons involved  as
those whom the Presidency see as going to be problematic are going to
get much   more than those described as pliable and this itself might
be the only unspoken  rancor in the National Assembly  when it looks
at the government   approval request come January  making  the 360
billion Naira excess  already as good as accepted  in the National

Daily Watch Investigations confirmed that by January  When the
National Assembly National Assembly members  resume and issues of the
excess crude rears its head it would be a smooth sail as almost all
members of the N/A would  have already been compromised with palm
greasing Millions of Naira which amounted totally to  over 20 billion
naira of the 360 billion the President  has cajoled the Governors to
approve with a promise to not only released the Balance of the Paris
Club Refund  which had already be done but stop all EFCC actions and
probe of the fund usages amongst the Governors.

While thieving governors already indicted for looting Paris club
billions like Governor of Zamfara state were fast to  consent others
like Fayose of Ekiti and a few others were said to have refused the
said deal with Ekiti State governor already in Court to stop the game
of the President and other Governors.

Already the 16 local government area in Ekiti states who are part
owners of the cash have run to a Federal High court days before xmas
to stop the grand  deal between the Presidency and some Governors in a
classical trade off that also involved members of the National

Daily Watch attempts to know from Buhari media group why after
defeating Boko Haram and declaring it dead weeks ago the same govt is
still looking for a whooping 360 billion to yet  battle an already
defeated body was not possible but the Ekiti Spokes man confirm the
court injunction process by the LGA  and Ekiti state to stop what they
termed illegal  deductions and game  plan to loot for Politics by the
Buhari administration in style and  to fleece them of their joint


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