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2months after: Reason why Buhari can’t resume in his office



ABUJA-Several Nigerians would be absolutely shocked to hear that the President and commander in chief of the armed forces has been absent from his official duty post running two months after returning from London on a Presidential rest cum medical trip.

The President who Daily Watch has severally told you does more of ceremonial functions as obtained in a Parliamentary system of Government has not step foot in the Villa Clinic for once since his return from London.

Daily Watch investigations in Abuja Confirmed that the President after the brief time he was forced to perform his so called ceremonial role does so in the  Presidential Banquet Hall in the Villa which is a five minutes’  walk to his office.

While Daily Watch had not been able to ascertain why the President is so unwilling to seat at the Presidential office with over two months of return from his medical trip   but rumors around the seat of Power confirms that the President needs close Watch and observation by those very close to him as such wanted him to be within distance from his home in case of any emergency as  was rumored around the villa that the president most time is unable to go around only after been pumped with some specified amounts of drugs/Steroids which  elapses within hours making it impossible to keep him far from his home.

Daily watch reached out to Femi Adesina, Presidential spokesman who confirmed Mr. President continued unavailability in office after two months in the Villa. He told Daily Watch that the absence of the President from his official office does not affect his official Duties as wherever he works from is within the ambit of the office of the President. Pressed further, the presidential Spokesman said that the official office of the President has not been dis-infected as rats and other rodents have made mincemeat of the Presidential office.

When Daily Watch asked when the office would be ready, the Spokesman was evasive but was categorical that the office renovation would be through soon for the President to move in.




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