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25billion Dollar Racket: Kachikwu in Trouble as Cabal Goes for his jugular


   *Plants disparaging stories against Kachikwu in the media   

*Meets with Saraki, Senators to get soft landing and settled with contracts





It is not surprising with Daily Watch earlier expose days ago when the Ibe Kachikwu and
Group Managing Director NNPC looting hullabaloo hit the news stand,
the Cabal is not letting go as they are said to be blocking all
avenues and working to crucify Ibe kachikwu as not only the villain
but as the corrupt man himself leaving the content of the Minister for
state for Petroleum and hitting at Kachikwu.

Daily Watch investigations in Abuja confirmed that nothing would
happen to Baru for not only flouting all known rules for contract
awards and insubordination but Kachikwu would bear the brunt for not
playing along as other Ministers having similar challenges like in
ministry of Transport, ministry of Power are facing but keeping mute
as a result of their fear of the Cabal who sits in the Villa and
indirectly rules over the County with President Buhari looking the
other way.

As a stated, the cabal are said to have reached out to sympathetic
media outfit to plant diverse stories about Kachikwu’s deals when he
was Group Managing director in NNPC and other stories to first destroy
the man Ukachikwu before Finally dumping him with his Petition which
is an expose of not only the rot in the NNPC but something replicated
in Presidential Initiative for North East, Ministry of Transport,
Ministry of power where Fashola holds swing as same situation of the
cabal looting dry Nigeria is inflated and phony contracts without due
Process is going on steadily with none winking an eye.

Daily Watch investigation confirmed a meeting between the Senate
President, two other senators and two key members of the cabal over
how to neutralize the Senate probe or at most get a soft landing for
Mainakanti Baru in the expected probe to which the cabal threw in the
ring some lucrative contracts for the Senate President and select few
in the Senate President own Caucus.

As it stands Ibe Kachikwu is on his own as he would soon not only be
consumed  by forces of the Cabal for speaking out on the lootings in
NNPC  but  set to be totally investigated, vilified and destroyed with
the Use of the EFCC and selected media outlet where damaging but
hilarious stories would be planted to dwarf the Baru’s gate expose
which the Cabal is set to finally kill as the presidency epitomized
by the Cabal are in know and support of all the deals in the NNPC and
employments there in as instructions to all where directly given from
the Villa.

As at the time of this report Ibe Kachukwu is said to be so threatened
and cowed that he is planning to either resign peacefully and shut his
mouth as directed by the Presidency or face unrivalled investigations
that would totally rubbish him while leaving the core issue of his
petition to die a natural death like the Ikoyi NIIA Funds and Babachir
Lawal’’s gate loots which seem  to be  the modus operandi  of the
Buhari’s administration that came to power on fighting corruption
mantra and everyday prides itself about  fighting Corruption.

Speaking with Leonard Ibechie a public commentator on national issues
days ago in Abuja  after snippets of stories on Kachukwu  corrupt
practices when he was Group Managing Director stated hitting the
media, Leonard Ibechie classified the Buhari’s  government  as one
with  total disregard for all laid down procedures and a government of
cover ups for all members of the thieving team in the administration
as is evidence with the Kachukwu’s case where the whistle blower is
now the persecuted ,vilified and prosecuted via the media and may
likely be  be prosecuted in the usual stage managed prosecution that
ends the way it started after media trial.

In his words ‘’the Buhari change seem to be a disservice to Nigeria as
the looting of the nation under official cover of the Presidency for
looters is legendry, it is a government where a few planted Buhari
friends loot the nations dry with no whimper from anyone and those who
try to speak like Kachukwu vilified and persecuted while the thieves
are allowed to go on their lootings. Let’s for the Sake of academic
exercise assume Kachukwu is a known bribe taker why keep him in your
administration till date and only come out to say so when there is a
petition from him against your favoured son”.

Attempts to get through with the minister for state for petroleum over
the new turn of invents was not possible case his Spokesman confirmed
to Daily watch that the minister has been told to keep sealed lips
pending Presidential investigations


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