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2023: Mike Loyeibo tasks Urhobos to support Ijaw governor

Members of DC-23 delegation led by Senator Ighoyota Amori,(miidle) Tuomo Kingdom traditional Prime Minister High Chief ( Dr.) Mike Loyeibo Ekayama and other Ijaw personalities at he event.

*  Says Ijaw argument is genuine to promote justice,  fairness and equity


By  Cletus Opukeme,  Burutu


Tuomo kingdom  traditional prime minister,High Chief ( Dr.) Mike Loyeibo Ekayama has urged the people of Delta Senatorial district ( Urhobos) in Delta state to support Ijaw indigenous governor in the buiild-up ahead of 2023 general election. Saying that the Ijaws have been supporting the Urhobos to choose governors over the years and it is the turn of Ijaws to enjoy such reciprocation.

The Tuomo Kingdom traditional prime minister High Chief (Dr.) Mike Loyeibo Ekayama stated this today in his palace during the Delta Central 2023 consultative team visit led by Senator Chief Ighoyota Amori to the Ijaws in Tuomo Kingdom in Burutu LGA of Delta state.

Senator Amori appealed to the Delta jaws to continue to support Urhobo agenda by keeping the  rotational gentle!aman agreement in 2023 to help in voting another Urhobo governor after former governors Chief  Felix Ibru and Chief James Ibori from the same Delta central at different political dispensations.

According to Amori, the Ijaws are the closest neighbours of the Urhobo Ethnic nationality as brothers and should keep on the PDP senatorial district rotational gentleman pact which produced Ibori from Delta centatl, Uduaghan from Delta South  and Okowa from Delta North.

Senator Ifeanyi Okowa’s 62 birthday celebration organized by Tuomo Kingdom traditional Prime minister High Chief (Dr.) Mike Loyeibo Ekayama

He argued that the governorship rotation should not be by ethnic lines, but by senatorial districts,. Adding that after 2023 and aftrr second tenure of the governor expires, the Ijaws could contest from Delta south senatorial district as governor in 2029 general election.

Chief Amori pointed out that the country and PDP constitution permits every person and tribe to contest without any hindrance, by that the Ijaws have the constitutional right to contest in 2023 as governor of the state. He added that history has shown that by divine arrangement dissent politicians who boycott the PDP gentleman agreement of rotation. always failed at the poll.

Reaching to the Director General of the DC-2023, Senator Amori, the traditional prime minister of Tuomo Kingdom High Chief (Dr.) Mike Loyeibo Ekayama on behalf of Delta Ijaw has appealed also to the Urhobo nation to support Ijaw governor in 2023. Adding ” Politics is like ” Osusu” means  mutual monetory contribution which the ijaws have contributed to all the ethnic nationalities in the state and that it is the turn of Ijaws in Delta to gather the ” Osusu” from all tribes in the state by producing the next governor after Senator Ifeanyi Okowa finishes strong.

He further argued that Ijaw quest for governorship position in 2023 is a genuine debate to promote peace,  justice,  fairness and equity. That he believes in the state governor Senator Ifeanyi Okowa who had promised to pray to consult God to do the needful over his successor ahead of the 2023 general election.  He urged all Deltans  to wait for the governor while he is praying for the right wisdom and decision over his successor.

According to the traditional prime minister, the Ijaws have very resourceful persons  of  Deputy Governor Kingsley Burutu Otuaro, Senator James Manager,  Dr. Braduce Angazi and more highly resourceful personal lwho have indicated interest from the Ijaw extraction to govern Delta state come 2023. Adding that Ijaw nation has decided to pull together both financial and human resources to key behind them to ensure one of those who have indicated interest to rule Delta state.

Also, the traditional prime minister used the political stakeholders gathering g to celebrate the 62nd birthday of Senator Ifreanyi Okowa with a donation of N20million for charity to mark the governor’s birthday. He urged the governor to direct a charity organiation of his choice to pay the bank acvkung of the charity birthday gift to the governor.

High Point of the ceremony was the happy tbirthday by some women ans ecomium poured on senator Ifeanyi Okowa’s birthday tributes by different politicians to honour his 62 birthday of Senator Ifeanyk Iowa.

Dignitaries from DC-23 include,   Chief Ighoyota Amori, National Chairman, Dr. Chris Oharisi, National Secretary, Olorogun Arthur Akpowowo, National Publicity Secretary, Chief Sunday Apah, Assistant National Publicity Secretary, Hon. Festus Pemu, Assistant National Publicity Secretary, Hon. Godwin Atose, National Organizing Secretary, Mrs. Philomena Ededey, Assistant National Welfare Officer, Chief Christian Onogba and others.

While the Ijaws include High Chief Mike Loyeibo Ekayama, General Brodrick Demeyeibo (rtd), Navy Comm. Moris Biakpara (rtd), Barr. David Ekereokosu, Chief Barr. Lucky Loyeibo, Chief Pele Zenetabor, Pastor Febaru Abraham, Chief Hon. Fungeowei Azami, Princess Roseline Eme, High Chief Pères Oloye, HRH Yanky L, Hon. Eric Orusaibogha and others.





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