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2023 game plot: Cabal plots against other presidential hopeful, plans Kingibe/Umahi ticket

Babagana Kingibe

*As some other Igbo leaders poise for spoiler role


By Lucky Ojigbo, Abuja


Even with 2023 still far away and President Buhari just sitting back to put pegs in shape for his second term, the Presidential Cabal in Aso Rock Villa are already looking forward to 2023 Presidency and are already mapping out modalities to make it easier for their choice candidate Babagana Kingibe to sail through.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that, the Cabal is not idle or waiting for time before planning their 2023 games as all plots have been laid down and divided into three phases with the first phase already been set in motion while Nigerians are arguing over the powers of Vice President Osibanjo and he need to resign or not thereby giving he Cabal freedom to push their secret plots ad agenda head long.

Daily watch investigations confirmed that the Cabal in the Presidential Villa is secretly toying with the idea of  Babagana Kingebe and Ebonyi state governor Umahi joint ticket for 2023 so as to get all Igbos vote into one basket with the often used cliché of Kingebe handling to an Igbo after one tenure.

Daily Watch Sources Privy to a meet last Week in the Villa confirmed that the Cabal presently has governor Umahi of Ebonyi state as their choice to combine with Kingebe for what they term as his honest and independent minded when it concerns the herders and Fulani agenda which most Igbos don’t see eye to eye on with the Fulani’s but for which Governor Umahi is said to be less combative on and very amenable to helping the Fulani course so far it will aide his Political Career come 2023.

Daily watch investigations has it that for now, the Cabal is playing on Umahi intelligence by promising him the Presidential ticket of the APC a party governor Umahi would move to sooner than later before the third quarter of 2023 following a secret promise by the Presidential Cabal to hand over the 2023 Presidential ticket to him for some favors that relates to the Fulani herdsmen.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the whole Presidential ticket promise to the Ebonyi governor was a mere facade to help accentuate the Fulani course in the South East to which already the herders are gaining maximally as thousands of Fulani herders are now domiciled in Ohi areas of Ebonyi state where they claimed they bought Land from the Ebonyi state government and had already moved in the hundreds with more movement down expected in the months ahead.

Daily watch findings confirmed that the true state of things is that at the dying minutes the Ebonyi state governor would be prevailed to buy into the Vice President Ticket with Kingebe as against the Presidential ticket for which he has been in cloud nine and dancing to every idea by the Cabal for the safety and comfort ability of thousands of herdsmen who are already relocated and domiciled in Ebonyi State which naturally has a significant Islamic Presence with huge Islamic institutions  in and around Afikpo and a small percentage of Muslim  population from the Igbo stock.

Daily watch investigations has it that the Cabal presently has a strong symbiotic affinity with the Ebonyi state Government on issue of herders  and their rearing or do we call it the RUGA game to which the Ebonyi government seemed highly amenable to knowing his great benefit in the long run which I the 2023 Ticket promised him.

Daily watch investigations Confirmed that several top Igbo leaders are said to be conscious of this Symbiotic affinity going on between the Cabal and the Ebonyi governor and are themselves plotting on several ways to not just check mate this so called ‘cordial’ affinity between the Presidential Cabal and he Executive governor o Ebonyi state but position themselves in place of the Ebonyi governor all in lieu of the 2023 goodies they see in the 2023 gambit and carrot from the Cabal,

Among Eastern Igbo leaders also trying to stage some kind of Political Coup against the Ebonyi Governor viz a viz the political  umbrage are a onetime Governor of one of the Eastern State under the Obasanjo era  and now Senator representing the same state ,the said Gov then was in the thick of Oath taking and   had his mother as part of his  Kitchen Cabinet or is it Cabal in his administration then  and forced  his Successor who was his SSG then go for Oath taking in Shrines similar to  the renown Okija Shrine Saga.

Also in the cat race are the Present Minister for Labour, who seemed to be willing to do everything and anything to be in the good books of not just President Mohammadu Buhari but the Cabal in the Aso Rock tower of Power.

Yet in the race to overwhelmed the Cabal with all manners of ‘subservientcy’ with the sole aim of winning what has been penciled down for the South East or better still the Ebonyi state Governor is the former governor of Imo State Rochas Okorocha who at every opportunity does not fail to reel out is slave jacket support to Buhari and state how ge was almost labeled a Fulani slave for his loyalty to the Fulani’s and Buhari in particular in the formative years of the APC.

How all the Political shenanigans of the Cabal, Ebonyi governor and the several Igbo leaders rushing to be used for a plate of porridge would eventually play out would be known as the clocks ticks tick tack towards 2023 and the Cabal continue their firm grip like hold on the President and the wheels of authority in the Seat of Power here in Abuja.

Also shockingly discovered by Daily Watch is a comprehensive list of suspected Presidential aspirants already drawn up by the Cabal cutting across Political Parties with a ploy to totally investigate them and look deeply into their Finance and others with the intent of getting some kind of dirt’s with which to either harass them of the 2023 race or go headlong when they refuses as in Political Corruption trial using the different anti graft bodies.

Attempts by Daily watch to reach out to the Media aide of the Ebonyi state governor to get his views on his reported 2023 plot and his planned defection from the PDP to the APC close to the 2nd or 3rd quarters of the political lap race was not possible as  his Phone rang repeatedly without his Picking just as text messages to the Secretary to the Ebonyi state Secretary to the Government and his Chief of Staff on the same issue elicited no response from them.


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