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2023 game: Kingsley Kuku sets to defect to APC in exile

Dr. Kingsley Kuku

*To displace Rotimi Amaechi as arrow head of the Cabal in the south South

By Lucky Ojigbo and Alfred Kayode, Abuja

Another of the much vilified, accused and condemned PDP member and one time amnesty boss from Ondo Sate Kingsley Kuku who was almost declared wanted by the Buhari’s administration for monumental fraud during the Good luck Jonathan administration is set to return from exile and into a rousing welcome by the same people who called him criminal following his formal declaration for the APC .



Kingsley Kuku who was the pioneer Boss of the Amnesty program me is said to have been in serious negotiation with a key member of the Cabal holding the Political forte and the one been penciled down for the 2023 Presidency in the person of Babagana Kingibe and has finally gotten a soft landing which automatically moved things around in his favour, declaring for the same APC just after five years plus.

Daily Watch ears privy to the negotiation that transpired, confirmed that Kingsley Kuku is been courted to help the course of the 2023 ambition of Babagana Kingibe who need some elements of sound footing in the South South and a man like Kuku who is said to be extremely close to several of the Ex Militants and MEND members was the ideal choice hence the deal to not only make him white again by paying his tithe to the office of the Chief of Staff for cleansing and Sainthood but to bring him back to contest the Ondo State Governorship Election come 2023 and also becoming the link man for the Kingibe 2023 in the South South using the former MEND leaders and operatives to penetrate the South South which had been a PDP fortress ever since and with all efforts to penetrate it by the APC been fruitless.

Daily watch investigations confirmed that in the days ahead several ex War lords and ex MEND leaders would  be coming out openly to declare support for the Buhari’s administration and condemning all those castigating the administration in the Niger Delta with open threats to the Militants group on ground presently so as to prove to the powers that be that the Kuku deal and expected return was a perfect negotiation.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that Kingsley Kuku even in Exile has met severally with several past  MEND members and still consulting with others on the need to back the Buhari’s administration and embrace Kingibe when the time comes for the 2023 Presidential race and in return gets their heart desired Pipeline  Contracts in the  NNPC and other mouth watering promises from Kuku who is set to become the new Czar of the Niger Delta as the Cabal is plotting an exit in their affinity with Ex Rivers State Governor Rotimi Amaechi whom they the Cabal now see  more as a liability than an asset in the pursuit of the Niger Delta and South South take over.

Daily watch investigations confirms that all is finally set for Kuku returns any day from the end of this month and all the criminal accusations described then as mind boggling by the APC government of Buhari have been consigned to the dust bin of history as the raid of his palatial home in Ondo by the DSS has also been forgotten in this moment of tithe collection and political exigencies.

Daily watch attempts to reach out to Kingsley Kuku or any of his close associates was not possible as at press time even though it is certain he has officially ported to the APC and coming home to start mobilization for the Cabal 2023 game plots.


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