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2023 DTHA:  My mission is sound representation, empowerment – Layefa

Mr. Layefa Enieghan Thompson

By Cletus Opukeme, Warri


Detla state house of assembly aspirant in 2023 under the People Democratic party (PDP) Mr. Layefa Enieghan Thompson has pledged to make a robust representation, service delivery as well as empowering his constituents, if given the mandate.


Layefa who spoke with the press in Asaba shortly he purchased his nomination form in PDP, said, ”I am excited to formally come your way through this means. To all my friends both online and offline, this is specially address to you because I owe you all in high esteem.

”Over the years, I have been privileged to be connected through service to some honorable personalities; these person’s have one way or the other served our state honorably in different capacity. I have learnt by close observations that political positions is purely an act of service to our people” he noted.

Continuing, ”My service under the OGBE-IJOH & ALADJA PEACE PROJECT also opened my eyes more to see and understand the vital needs of credible people in serving in the public space.

”Despites observing these few honourable men and women who are doing well in serving our people, sadly I have also witnessed several poor representations of our people in the State Assembly which is clearly visible in the poor growth of our constituencies that has been seriously shortchanged in the area of wholistic development.

”We have had representatives who cared only about thier salaries and the lining of thier pocket with funds meant for constituency projects.

”With this, the need to have more credible person’s join this service project cannot be over emphasis and I am obligated to do something in that regard.

”After due consultation with my Creator, Youths, Elders, leaders, political mentors and fellow comrades, I am formally declaring my intention to run as A REPRESENTATIVE of the Warri South West LGA in the Delta State House of Assembly under the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) today been Saturday 26th March 2022.

”My goal is simple. My motive is pure and my drive is sharp. I am L.E.T and I am committed to bringing about a new LIFTING, a cutting edge EMPOWERMENT and down to earth TEAMWORK

”LET is a Breathe of Fresh Air in our political space.

LET is the face of the rural struggle for developmental progress.

LET is about bridging the political divide of government and the governed.

LET is about maximising the Impact of Government in Warri South West.

”I therefore appeal to everyone to give me his or her support not simply because I am young and vibrant but because I have been tested in different levels of leadership since my school days till date and I am well prepared for this.

”It will not be possible without you that is why I am coming to you here and right there beyond social media” he said.




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