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2023: Cabal plays Bola Tinubu, plots northern presidency again

Bola Tunibu

Deceit, war like game plot and subterfuge seem to be the game in APC  as the success of President Mohammadu Buhari with or without the  real votes of the South West and the high class rigging methodology used has embolden the Cabal to plot their continuation in power far above 2023 just days after the 2019 elections.

Daily watch findings which  to many would sound unbelievable but factual would see many top APC leaders in the 2nd term of Buhari been brought to their kneels while several new leaders and power house would be created in their stead to work for the cabal come 2023 when the cabal plots to demystify Bola Tinubu and the many Igbos that were of the foolish belief that power would return to South South or to them in 2023 and the Cabal metamorphosing into a strong power base like the Kaduna Mafia of old that dictates power trend and issues in the country with the recruiting of very few trusted and  children of members into the Cabal.

Daily Watch Sources a core Northerner abreast with the power play and equation in the Villa confided in Daily Watch that the easy way Buhari was rigged back into Power as against the wish of Nigerians has embolden the Cabal to start plotting for 2023 with the sole purpose of bringing up one of theirs as the Presidential Candidate to be again brought into Power using similar methodology in 2023.

Daily Watch Sources confirmed that in a dusk to Dawn meeting just few days after results of the Presidential elections were announced,the Cabal has started looking above 2019 and aiming at 2023 Presidential elections in which Babagana Kingibe

and one other young Turk from the North are been primed to take over from Buhari as against the dreams of Bola Tinubu and some few Igbo leaders that the 2023 ticket would be theirs for grab for backing President Mohammadu Buhari.

To actualized this plot, the Cabal has drawn a long time plot which would see again the total freezing out of Bola Tinubu in the post 2019 era and his been rubbished serious in the 2nd and third stretch of the new administration and the picking of some new leaders in the South West and empowering them to take over the stead of Bola Tinubu, men who would buy into been god father and support the coming of another Northerner of Fulani extraction as the President in 2023 and their wining the elections without or with the votes of the South South which the 2019 doctored results has taught them.

Daily Watch Sources has it that the plots of the Cabal is to become a strong force like the long lost Kaduna Mafia as they plot creating a new breed of young Fulani Tucks to joining in their new found power game some o whom would be visible in the 2nd year of the Buhari  2nd term administration.

Already a special team is been picked in the DSS,EFCC,NIA to gather dirt and criminal dossiers  on Bola Tinubu, Rotimi Amaechi, Adams Oshiomole and some top APC stalwarts with the intent of dealing decisively with them as the administration enters the 2nd year in Power so as to totally neutralize them and in their place build a new breed of leadership that would be answerable hundred percent to the Cabal so as to help make the 2023 dream materialized.

Daily watch Sources has it that the coming 2nd term of Buhari world see Babagana Kingibe playing a major role in the administration to create the picture of not just a capable leader but a hardworking one for that matter so as to endear him to Nigerians.

Daily Watch sources has it that by this plot Bola Tinubu dream is certainly going to be one tall dream that would never materialized just as the Cabal has penciled down Magnus Abe,Akpabio to take over from Rotimi Amaechi as the points man in South South together with Omo-Agege as the South South engine room in the new dispensation starting from the 2nd anniversary of the 2nd term of Buhari.

In the South West four persons have been penciled down to mount the position of Buhari just as the same is been plotted in the South East.

Daily Watch sources has it that the new plots which would also led to the unmasking and demystification of Governor El-Rufai of Kaduna state has also seen the Cabal in a plot to  see to the losing of El –Rufai in the coming Governorship Elections if possible to help clear him off the stead in the plot for 2023  but if he manages to succeed to create a wholesome wedge and reduction in his affinity with the Presidency as the Cabal see him as not too good for their control in the 2023 game plot.

Already a 23 man think thank is been plotted to formulate and draw our phase plots for the launching, step by step and phased initiations of all plots and mechanism to the set aim of 2023 agenda in the name of the North.

Daily Watch frantic efforts to reach out to the Tinubu team on the new plots of the Cabal viz- a- viz 2023 presidency and elections was not possible as the Tinubu crew are said to be frantically busy plotting seriously on how to stop the rampaging sword of Damocles on the head of the Jagaban as regards Lagos state Governorship Elections come next Saturday.





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